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How Social Media Can Help You Advance Your Career
How Social Media Can Help You Advance Your Career

Social media is an incredible tool for those people that want to advance their careers. These platforms can help grow businesses as well or can hurt the reputation of a business if the account is managed poorly. For those people thinking that surfing Facebook at work is going to help them get a huge promotion is most likely wrong. Taking a proactive approach about using social media as a tool to improve your career prospects is imperative. The following are different ways that social media can help improve your career when utilized appropriately.

Tools That Can Help

Doing something like scheduling out tweets for a month can be a great way to save time using a tool like that of Hootsuite as not everyone has time to write social media content daily. Using something like a LinkedIn automation tool can be a huge help so can cross posting content between social media platforms. Being able to track the engagement of your posts will allow you to gain insight on things like time of day you should be posting as well as what hashtags drive the most relevant engagement. Small things like this can help a person drive engagement and possibly get offers for jobs from those that appreciate their quality social media content.

Become a Thought Leader

The best thing that can happen in certain industries is to turn yourself into a thought leader on a relevant subject to your career. This will help you immensely as professionals that have millions of followers can be a great asset to any company. Driving revenue this way is also very common as online influencers with large amounts of followers can generate thousands of dollars for a single post. This will take engaging with others in your industry as sparking conversation is important when establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Keep Track Of Job Openings

LinkedIn is the perfect place to keep track of job openings as you can use a variety of tactics to do this. Simply searching does work with many companies posting jobs that can be automatically applied to makes this quite easy. Recruiters reach out to professionals with specific skills when they need to fill a position for one of their clients. Looking at your connections is important as well as you can get your application in before the job is even listed anywhere. Asking for a recommendation from a connection to fill their previous job is the perfect example of leveraging relationships you have garnered throughout your career.

Reaching Out To Companies

Social media is a perfect place to interact with companies that you might be interested in working for. A good salary opportunity might just be a click away from you as most companies nowadays use social media platforms for their recruitment and marketing needs.  These companies might not have any openings at the moment but it is good to build rapport regardless. Following up on social media when you have not heard back after an interview is a great tactic to show a company that you are proactive rather than reactive which all companies want in an employee. This does not mean to hound them 5 hours afterwards but rather thank them in a public way for their time. The follow ups can be done days after you thought that you would hear back.

Social media is a vast world that can be used to improve your career and much more. Take a look at the tactics above to start being proactive in improving your career as the perfect job is not going to wait for you! Comment below with tips that you have for using social media to impact your career positively.

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