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How Software Can Help in Social Media Marketing
How Software Can Help in Social Media Marketing

A recent report stated that people using social media platforms surpassed 4.48 billion in July 2021. This means that around 57% of the total human population on earth is using social media. These shocking numbers have provided a unique avenue for businesses to use social media platforms for marketing. Businesses aim to create a cohesive presence on social media to speak to customers and potential clients easily.

Social media marketing has drastically changed the methods used by businesses to market their products and services. Social media marketing entails various functions encompassed into one.

The functions encompassed in social media marketing entail dealing with a lot of data and having many tasks. This can lead to easy boredom and work burnout when done by an individual. 

Software in social media marketing alleviates a lot of the redundant or tiresome tasks associated with it. In this article, we shall look at some of the ways that software helps in social media marketing.

  1. Data Management

The point of social media marketing is to gain leads and eventually convert the leads to clients. While looking to gain leads, huge amounts of user data are collected to analyze the users. Clients also give their data to better their experience interacting with the business.

With so much data being supplied to firms via social media platforms, manually managing the data can be tiresome. This is where member management systems come in. They help to organize and easily offer reports on the data that has been collected from clients. The collected data includes transaction history, client details, credit card information, payment processing data, etc.

The concept of using member management systems was, however, seen as shallow and limited in terms of its capabilities. Association management software performs all functions of member management systems and will also include additional features.

Association management software offers added features to use for social media marketing. Examples of these features are:

  • Design and deployment of marketing campaigns
  • Website management
  • Event management and invitation sending
  • Social media marketing analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Payment processing

Association management software offers a better bang for the buck to businesses looking to cover all aspects of social media marketing.

  1. Social Media Management

There are several social media sites that are available to businesses. Businesses can use these sites to market their products. This leads to marketing personnel having many social media accounts that they have to manage.

Social media management software comes in to help in managing all social media accounts of a business. The software allows marketing personnel to come up with content, and specify the scheduled posting times on the different sites.

Social media management software also helps run business ads on different social media platforms, and manage them from one easy-to-use interface. The software also displays the analytics data from the various live ads. This allows marketing personnel to effortlessly get the ROI of the ads running on different social media sites.

Social media management sites are a good investment for a businesses’ marketing team. As the business grows and the following on the different social media pages increases, such tools become convenient to assist in marketing.

  1. Automation of Content Marketing

Marketing departments rarely consist of one individual running all marketing functions in the business or organization. This means that marketing functions in a business are distributed across many people to work together towards the same goal.

The software can be used in the content marketing aspect of social media marketing to help in the collaboration of various marketing personnel. The software enables involved personnel to create and design content, gain posting approval, and schedule the posting time all in one place.

While designing content, the various systems also offer platforms for discussing the created content. The marketing personnel can analyze the content and make any necessary corrections or altercations to ensure posted content is top tier.

The system administrator is required to specify the content approval process when the system is purchased. This will create a guideline for the system to use when being used. If, for instance, marketing personnel is done creating content, the manager gets notified that they have work to review and approve.

  1. Automation of Social Media Marketing Reports

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As explained above, the concept of social media marketing is to use social media platforms to gain business leads. Social media networks provide analytics data that can be used to track the success of marketing campaigns and plans.

Analytics data helps businesses know how their posts are performing, the interaction rate, the number of people they have reached, etc. Analytics reports often have a lot of factors to consider when rating the performance of a post or marketing campaign.

Using manual processing methods, the marketing personnel is given the duty to analyze the analytics data provided by social media platforms. After analyzing the data, they come up with reports to submit to upper management.

Analysis and generation of analytics reports take up a lot of time. With software, periodic reports can be generated automatically for upper management. The periodic reports of analytics data are generated based on the user’s specifications. This means that the software can be customized based on the needs of an organization’s analytics reports.

  1. Automatic Lead Synchronization

As the social media pages of a business grow, the leads gained from the various platforms drastically increase.

With the business gaining more leads, managing, and contacting the new leads can become tiresome to perform manually. The software can automatically add the contact information of new leads into a businesses’ email list. From this, automatic targeted emails can get sent to the new lead.


Before going out to acquire various software to be used in social media marketing, know that the software has a target user base. Some are designed for small to medium-sized businesses, while others are for large businesses. It is paramount that you purchase software that aligns with the size of your business. This will offer optimized performance for you, and, therefore, better service and experience with the software.

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