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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing Team
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing Team

The world of social media is enormous with people using the platform to vent, businesses use it to marker, people bring about social change, and gives people the ability to interact with their favorite celebrity personalities. This has led to social media marketing exploding as it is a necessity for any business to participate in order to have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. The truth is that many people that call themselves “social media gurus” might have garnered a decent following due to hard work or even one tweet gaining popularity. This by no means is an indication that they are going to produce quality content on a regular basis which is needed to get the most out of social media. Asking for results at a job interview is important as you can see how they helped grow accounts or if the accounts stayed at around the same follower/engagement count. The following are tips to help you get the most out of your social media marketing team at a digital marketing agency.

Give Accounts To Those Knowledgeable In A Specific Area Where Possible

A person that has quite a bit of knowledge about massage or flexibility might be better off running a social media account for massage chairs or yoga rather than technology. There are going to be those people with different interests and knowledge so attempt to assign accounts a person can run effectively without having to do a multitude of research. This also makes it easy to engage with followers as they have an active interest in what is being discussed. This will not always be possible at a digital marketing agency that takes on numerous clients but try to accommodate your team when possible with accounts they will enjoy managing.

Provide The Team With Tools To Help Them Track Campaigns Efficiently

The name of the game in social media marketing is getting the best ROI possible on a campaign. Social media posts that garner traffic ultimately leading to a sale is the best case scenario. Certain tools will allow a person to set up posts for an entire month for a brand which allows them to only check interactions or tweet about current events for the rest of the month. Getting together as a team to discuss editorial calendars for social media accounts can be advantageous for the team as a whole. You might find that a certain tweet or post can be modified during a holiday for a number of clients.

Allow Staff To Hire Interns To Help Refill The Talent Pool If Someone Leaves

Social media interns can be a great way to try out the skills of an individual before hiring them. Allowing the social media team to bring on a few interns can help alleviate a backlog if a person leaves for another opportunity or it out on vacation/sick leave. These interns can be brought on full-time as you will understand the knowledge they have, their working style, and whether they are a culture fit at the company. At a digital marketing company this can be done for nearly every department as at times in departments like that of the copywriters highly stressful deadlines must be hit which is not for everyone.

A great social media team is extremely valuable for any company whether it is a small business or a giant corporation. Get the most out of your social media team by trying the above tactics.

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