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How to Maximize Facebook Lead Gen Ads for Your Business
How to Maximize Facebook Lead Gen Ads for Your Business

Initially, Facebook was created to make people socialize with their friends and relatives. However, as the popularity of the website grew exponentially, it gradually turned into a platform where businesses can promote their products and services while engaging with their target audience. Now, companies across the globe leverage Facebook as a powerful advertising platform. While most ad types are straightforward, lead gen ads prove to be a bit complicated. Keep reading to learn how you can maximize lead gen ads to generate more targeted customers.

As the name suggests, lead gen ads help B2C, B2B, or lead generation companies to drive more quality leads and boost their sales volume. But lead gen ads aren’t only useful for e-commerce websites. They can also be used to extract insightful customer information which you can use to create more laser-targeted ads. If you are not familiar with the ways to use lead gen ads, here are a few ideas that will help:

1.    Facebook contests

Facebook users love quirky rewards from a quick poll or contest. You can use the lead gen ads where users will participate from Facebook instead of visiting your website. The trick is to gather customer information by asking them to fill out the personal fields in your questionnaire or survey form to stand a chance to win a prize. You can also customize the questions if you are looking for a new slogan for your company or want the customers to decide the type of content they want to see. The idea is to capture custom information to engage with the audience further and initiate a conversation that ultimately leads to a conversion.

2.    Sign up for emails and newsletters

Creating an urge among potential customers can considerably increase the sales of your company. Integrate facebook ad leads with Gmail and send updates/newsletters. It’s the perfect ploys to make prospective customers visit your website. Lead gen ads have been highly successful in this regard. You only need the email address of the Facebook user to sign up for your mailing list. As soon as you acquire the email ID, you can send regular emails and news about your company and the types of products and services you offer. This will create the urge that otherwise would have remained dormant because the customer had an interest in the products, but didn’t feel the need to rush on it.

3.    Incorporate SEO into your Facebook Ads

What’s great about using Facebook lead gen ads is that it gives you a lot of options, and this means plenty of things to test and play around with. For example, you can set up multiple ads targeting different demographics and pointing to different pages on your website. You can conduct an A/B test to see which ads and pages convert the most customers. Another trick often used by SEO services in Chicago is pointing Facebook ads toward previous high-performers. If you have pages on your site that attained Google first page rankings but fell off, driving fresh, relevant, and targeted traffic can bring them back to life.

Lead gen ads have changed the way businesses reach out to their customers. These ads serve as a tool that can increase your sales volume by targeting your audience in ways that most likely leads to a conversion.

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