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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media With Results
How to Promote Your Business on Social Media With Results

Social media campaigning is effective – there is no second thought about it. But only a handful of brands are able to do it right and others simply spend time and money, wasting their efforts without any significant profits. 

How do successful brands promote their business online effectively? They follow three main social media strategies to maximize their ROI. 

They have a clear goal on what they want to achieve through their social media campaigns. They do not start to promote their business with the simple aspiration of increasing sales. They define their needs specifically, like:

  1. Increasing brand awareness 
  2. Gaining more followers 
  3. Engaging more with customers

They choose the right social media platforms for their needs and invest in the right promotional strategies. For example, 

  • Brand awareness can be increased by using Facebook and YouTube ads.
  • More followers for the brand can be gained through influencer marketing on Instagram. 
  • Twitter and Instagram are the best way to engage instantly with customers on a daily basis, respond to their complaints, and get productive feedback. 

Measuring results from social media campaigns

Every penny invested to promote your business through social media must yield a decent ROI to make it worth the investment. Ensure you use the right tools and track the results to analyze your success. Always track all the important metrics like: 

  1. The number of followers, the increase rate in followers, and the customer engagement rate. Match it to various influencers if you are using influencer marketing. 
  2. Keep track of reposts, shares, comments, complaints, and feedback gathered. 
  3. Measure performance through goal achievement rate. E.g. 25% Facebook follower increase in three months for the brand. 33% conversion rate and sales increase through YouTube ads. 
  4. Track the profit gained for every campaign and invest more in the result-yielding strategies.  
  5. Keep track of successful promotional strategies followed by your competitors and try to replicate them to gain success. 

Promoting a business or a new product through social media is simple but not easy. It needs consistent work, regular tracking, and adjustment of investment and strategy alteration as and when necessary. Here is a list of a few proven strategies experts suggest. 

Gifts: Track the loyal customers of the brand through social media following. Find their address or contacts through Nuwber and send them a surprise gift. Inspire them to share with others – ordinary customers are the ones who other people will trust.

Maximum sharing: Run a loyalty program and showcase customers who have shared the maximum number of posts, tagged most friends, given productive feedback, or posted useful customer-generated content. Use them in ads, banners, and social media banners.  It inspires other customers to share more about the brand.  

Giveaways: Announce giveaways for new social media followers. Give them a discount on their next purchase or a coupon code to make them buy more. Make the existing followers refer more customers to buy a product for extra reward points. Such promotional measures are easy to track and can be utilized for maximum customer engagement. 

Hire Experts: Appoint a social media manager or a strategist. Hire companies that can manage your business promotions on social media. Analyze the results of the campaigns, what worked, what went wrong, and how to improve it with the appointed expert team. Customize future campaigns based on tracked results to avoid wasting money. 

Be Socially Active: Promote your brand by making the customers come to you. Showcase your corporate social responsibility activities, helping charities, sponsorships for local events, and environmental responsibility in social media posts. It will make customers choose your brand over others. 

Trending Everywhere: Always have a unified strategy to promote your business on social media. Target customers on multiple levels at the same time through influencers, micro-influencers, ads, discounts, and attractive loyalty programs. When your social media campaign is on and running, it should be everywhere attracting the eyes of all potential customers. 

Social media strategists often point out that the most successful types of content are:

  • Humorous content (mainly videos)
  • Value providing content (Pinterest posts or images providing useful information to customers about your products, manufacturing process, etc.)
  • User-generated content (Customer story, experiences) 

Leverage these types of content to create more brand awareness and reach more customers through social media. Use a combination of all three types of content in your campaign to attract more clients. 

Understanding customers better

One of the greatest advantages of using social media is getting a clear idea of who your customers are and what they want. You can easily create a customer persona through the profiles of the customers following you gathering the details about their demographics. 

The information can be used to know more about your clients: what they like, their spending capacity, and much more. The products can be tailored to suit their needs and budget attracting more target customers in the particular category, yielding more profits. 

When a product is created and a promotional campaign is planned, marketing should be so effective that the product sells itself. People stand in the queue to buy iPhones even before it gets launched pre-booking them. Such high demand for the product can be created through well-planned social media business promotion campaigns using the strategies mentioned above. 

Golden off-peak ad days: Always start the promotion early and keep it consistent. Business promotions should concentrate on their off-peak time when their competitors spend less on ads to popularize their name well among the customers. 

Proud customer of the brand: Creating a sense of pride among customers to buy from a particular brand always helps. Customers flaunt their purchases when it helps someone or serves an environmental cause through bio-packaging. Try to indulge in such activities and showcase them to the customers in the right way to get more results. 

Social media is a great way to promote your business if you are ready to plan precisely, invest wisely, and ready to engage more with the customers on a daily basis.

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