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How To Promote YouTube Live Stream? + 5 Best Sites To Promote It
How To Promote YouTube Live Stream? + 5 Best Sites To Promote It

Live broadcasts are one of the promotion trends. Let’s find out why you need it, how to prepare for the broadcast and how to organize it correctly.

Why do you need them?

  • To connect with the audience, get feedback, and ultimately improve loyalty. Through this format you can show real emotions and experiences, everything that is left behind in the videos.
  • There is no need for professional editing. Conducting does not require long ideo production and other work, which significantly saves time.
  • Minimum equipment. Streaming is possible even with a smartphone, with a 4K in panoramic format.
  • There is a chat option where users can ask questions, leave comments, give their advice and recommendations. Also among the viewers you can choose the most loyal fans and appoint them as moderators for better communication.
  • All realized broadcasts are posted on the channel, they can be viewed and edited, for example, cut out unsuccessful moments.

5 best sites to promote YouTube stream


Site #1 to promote YouTube stream. Here you can buy views to make your broadcasts more popular and attract organic traffic.

There are views from 30 minutes to 24 hours long so you can provide good visibility for a stream. Also Viewsta gives you a possibility to buy views from different countries: Japan, USA, Germany etc. There are 18 services available for you. The cheapest prices, the best quality!

The prices start from $4 per 1000 views.


Special site for boosting your YouTube live stream. 7 stable, instant and real services for buying viewers. It doesn’t matter how much time you stream, 15 minutes or 24 hours – views will accompany you during the broadcast. 

The prices start from $15 per 1000 views.

SocBooster also has an application for Android. There you can link your YouTube channel by URL and start to do simple tasks (comment, subscribe, like or views). For each performed task you are credited with virtual coins. If you accumulate enough coins buy live stream views for free!


You can choose from a huge variety of services to buy YouTube live stream views from real people. There is a unique service with a geo targeted option that has a very high rate – up to 5000 views per hour.

On Tube.Biz support constantly works via Skype, email and live chat. If you have questions, you can ask for help or advice.

The prices start from $15 per 1000 views.


Here you can buy YouTube live stream views fast and safe. It is not necessary to register on a website to purchase. But if you would like to get some special offers and discounts we advise you to create an account.

Live stream views on Viewsco are of high quality and stable. The prices start from $15 per 1000 views.


Here you can promote YouTube live stream quickly with a few steps. Choose 1 of 7 types of views, enter a stream link, choose the quantity and payment method – that is all. All views are instant and could stay with you till 24 hours long.

The prices start from $6 per 1000 views.

Tips for successful YouTube Live Stream

  • Inform your audience in advance

Send out announcements about YouTube live stream on social networks, be specific and make sure you give accurate information about the time and place of the broadcast, its topic. Make sure the link works if you send it out to subscribers.

Don’t forget the email base. Send an email notification to reassure yourself. Some subscribers may not follow your social media pages, turn off notifications.

  • Test formats and timing

There are several formats for live broadcasts, the most popular are being presentation, Q&A, and instruction. You can combine each of these in one stream, or you can concentrate on a single one. Try to see what works best for your audience. If they are enthusiastic about the Q&A, feel free to do these sessions more often. If audiences love instructions, focus on instructional streams.

It’s also important to test and look for the best time to hold a stream. Use handy internal analytics services.

  • Be stable and consistent

It’s great if your broadcasts are on a schedule. Pick one day and time and let your subscribers know. After several live streams at the same time, they will easily remember when to get in touch with you. This will allow the audience to plan their time, wait for your broadcast to start with anticipation, and also form the habit of watching you for some daily activity (or putting things off).

4. Think about what’s going to be in the frame

Pay special attention to the background, your across contexts. The more minimalistic it is, the better it is. Nothing should distract the viewer, overload the shot. Ideally a monochrome picture with minimal objects.

Even if you are not working in the most glamorous conditions, the right camera angle and light will do the trick, train yourself.

5. Don’t Forget Your Appearance

Wear clothes that reflect the style of your brand, but do not draw too much attention to yourself. Avoid unnecessary brand/company symbols. A cap with a logo on it or a T-shirt that says “order now” is not a good idea.

6. Share information by answering subscribers’ questions

Q&A is one of the most popular formats. Collect questions in advance in the comments, and be prepared to navigate quickly and answer the question live. People love to get an instant response, and they love to have their questions voiced and paid attention.

7. Use existing content as the basis

When you’re writing a script for a live stream, look at your previous content (especially textual content) – blog articles, social media posts, etc. Feel free to take it as a basis, repackage it into live-streaming material. Someone was too lazy to read, someone did not understand the meaning without examples and visuals. Live streaming is another way to go deeper into a topic of interest to the audience, to present it in a more profitable way, to answer questions.

Live streaming is now the new rules of the game that everyone needs to accept. Step up to the next level and start creating high-quality content with all the tips in this article.

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