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How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Website’s SEO Rankings
How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Website’s SEO Rankings

In this digital era, SEO is critical for any business; large or small. It is also an important tool that can be used to stand out in the crowded online environment where competition seems to be fierce.

So, how does the small business owner improve their SEO rankings to level the playing field with the industry sharks?

Google clearly stated that original, high-quality content as well as relevant links to and from authority websites, is what will ensure you rank high in search results.

However, there are other strategies you could use to improve ratings. Social media is a powerful tool that can do wonders for your online presence. Minneapolis SEO can attest to this.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Content promotion

One of the ways social media can help boost your SEO rankings is through content promotion. One feature that is common for all social media sites is content-sharing. These content are in the form of pictures and videos.

There are times where you could be posting high-quality content but you are not getting enough traffic to your website. Social media is one platform you could use to get your message across and boost your brand.

As much as links on social media are not as effective as backlinks, they trigger an onsite engagement. As such, providing your website’s link on social media may influence an increase in traffic to your website. This will send positive signals to search engines which will result in increased rankings.

Giving your audience a high-quality experience will improve your website’s authority and social media is another platform where you can deliver such content to your target audience.

  • Brand awareness

Direct traffic to your website is one of the things that ensure higher SEO rankings. Consumers have to know your brand by name before they go searching on the Internet. Effective advertisement allows for consumers to recognize your brand by name

One of the most effective tools when it comes to promoting brand awareness is social media. It is the perfect platform to grow your brand because you have direct access to potential consumers.

You could post helpful content, respond to queries and participate in online communications to further expand your brand visibility.

  • Local engagement

Social media provides a platform where brands and business owners engage with local communities. This, in turn, sends authority signals that are specific to your locality to search engines.

One of the ways to achieve local engagement is by networking and participating in local events. During such events, you could take pictures and short video clips and share them on your various social media platforms and invite the locals and participants to engage in online discussions.

  • Link building 

Link building is a fool-proof way to boost your SEO rankings. Backlinks from authoritative sites entice consumers to visit your site increasing website traffic.

However, link building can only be successful is you have linkable assets. These are authoritative high-quality content that is unique. With these, you could leverage social media to your advantage.

Social media links do not count for much in SEO but we cannot dispute the fact that they drive traffic to your website.

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