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How To Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing
How To Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a crucial arena for marketing a business’ products. No business can hope to thrive without having a social media presence and using social media platforms to market their products. As social media evolves, video has become increasingly important and it has changed as platforms have evolved. Video has shifted from television to YouTube, and then Instagram and now TikTok. Marketers have responded in kind, developing social media strategies for each platform. Customers are particularly excited by short-form videos with effective video content.

Why Video Content Has Become So Important

Human beings are visual creatures. It’s not only easier to recall something visual, visual content carries much more information than the written word. Human beings enjoy visual content. it ‘s why the visual arts have always thrived. Written content gets shorter every year. We have gone from reading books with hundreds of pages, to reading 140-character tweets. Yet, we are still capable of watching 2-hour movies and digesting lots of visual content. This makes the use of video content in social media so powerful. Marketers can pack in much more detail than is possible with written word without the viewer feeling fatigued or overloaded with content. You have to work really hard to overload customers with video content, whereas you have to work really hard to keep someone engaged when they are reading something.

It’s not surprising then that many marketers have found that when social media strategies integrate the use of video content, there is an increase in quality traffic, and audience engagement, and consequently, a higher chance of audience members buying the brand’s products. Decades ago, Peter Druker said that the purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer, and being able to convert more audience members into paying customers is surely a good thing for any brand.

The most successful brands have found it necessary to use local SEO services, to improve their SEO, get more eyeballs on their content, increase brand awareness and get more leads. Brands understand the importance of ranking high up on search engines, so that potential customers view their video content and, if the content is impactful, they can convert audience members into paying customers.

Have Clear Goals For Your Video Marketing Strategy

To get the benefit of video content, you have to develop impactful videos and use them correctly. The first thing you need to do is to have clear goals for what you want your video content to achieve, who the target audience is, how the video content will help build the brand.

The best approach is to have a few simple, clear goals. Don’t overcomplicate things. Get as simple and clear as you can get so you don’t get confused and you can easily measure outcomes. The more complex your goals, the harder they will be to measure, so you will have a hard time assessing your progress.

An even more powerful way of setting goals is to focus your goals on a niche. So, rather than having video content showing all your products, why not have a clear goal to promote one specific product that you believe has the best chance of driving revenue growth profitability?

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