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Increase brand awareness with blogger & influencer outreach
Increase brand awareness with blogger & influencer outreach

More and more PR specialists consider that entertainment is the future of businesses. Bloggers are the most effective influencers in the online world. The business landscape has changed and when businesses want to attract new clients, they collaborate with influencers to create promotional content. Businesses no longer use press releases to share information with their clients, they prefer to use social media tools, because they know that they are more effective. Businesses prefer to build partnerships with digital influencers to build a reputation for their brand, because this is the most effective method to influence the purchase behaviours. Blogging even impacts the SEO results and increases the traffic on websites, so it is understandable why people focus on building a strong relationship with influencers.

If you want to build a business then you will have to create a community and to create relevant content for the market you want to enter. Experts state that professional videos and posts are more effective than user-generated content. People nowadays consume based on the reviews they receive from influential persons. Every important brand has a storyteller behind it. The bloggers create compelling content, and the clients no longer ask themselves if they should buy. Their question is “Where can I find the product to buy it?”


Famous media influencers

To help you understand better the power bloggers have here is a top with some of the most famous influencers of the world.

Huda Kattan – she is known for being the founder of the cosmetic brand Huda Cosmetics, but she is also a beauty blogger. Kim Kardashian was the celebrity who trusted Huda’s skills and she decided to wear her false eyelashes. That was the turning point, from that moment Huda became one of the most famous bloggers of the world. She has around 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 25 million followers on Instagram. Every product associated with her name, is destined to be successful.

Lele Pons – many people know her for being an actor and a social media star, but she is the brand ambassador for CoverGirl. She is famous on Instagram and YouTube, and she is the type of influencer every company would love to hire.

Zach King – He is the cute guy who seems to make magic behind the camera. He posts on his YouTube channel videos and tutorials, the majority of them being challenges he receives. He is seen as a friendly person, and he is a great brand ambassador, considering that he has more than 22 million followers on Instagram, and around 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Juanpa Zurita – Zurita is the blogger who posts comic skits on YouTube and Instagram, and his posts helped him become a model for Dolce & Gabbana. His online media success also helped him get the position of MTV’s Millennial Awards host in 2017.

Michelle Lewin – If there is a fitness company who is looking for an influencer to help them promote their services, then Lewin is their person. She is a worldwide known body builder and fitness model, and she stared on the cover of numerous famous magazines. Readers could see her on the covers of magazines as Muscle & Fitness and Playboy.

Chiara Ferragni – her blog helped her model for Guess, so there is nothing wrong to state that she is a successful fashion influencer. Her social media posts reach so many users even Steve Madden and Pantene hired her to promote their products. Steve Madden even offered her the possibility to design her own shoe collection. Now that she is a mother, she has associated her name with the toy company Mattel.

The investor’s guide to working with influencers to promote their business

Build a relationship with the blogger

If you want to reach more clients, you have to work together with the influencer to establish what type of content is appropriate for being posted. You have to work together to make sure that you are all satisfied with your tastes. You will have to establish the type of content you prefer, what social channels are most important and when the posts have to be submitted.

When you contact a blogger to hire them as your brand ambassador you will have to share with them your budget, expectations and goals. If you are transparent then you avoid the situation of wasting your time. Be clear and concise when you ask them to create content for your business.

Find the right influencer

The first step is to follow multiple bloggers from your industry, and check the type of content they create, to see if it meets your requirements. You can conduct a people search campaign to find more information about the persons who can become your brand ambassadors. Contact the bloggers and introduce yourself and your company. Tell them that you like the content they create and ask them if they are interested in collaborating with you. You can also send them a sample of your products and ask them a sincere review, without stating that you are looking to hire a new brand ambassador.

Let the influencer do their job

The influencer you hired has attained their status because they are amazing at what they do, so you should not try to tell them how to create the content for your campaigns. Offer them the freedom they need to create. You have informed them at the beginning of the process what your goals are, and what you prefer, from this point on, it is their job to produce the results you want. Online influencers are at their best when you allow them to be creative, so you should offer them the opportunity to create something unique.

Offer them all the resources they need

In order the blogger to create a promotional content about your company you have to offer them access to all the resources they need, they may ask you a certain product , or they may want to shot the pictures for the blog or the video in a certain location. If you help them, they will accomplish their job more effective and easier.


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