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Top 10 Instagram Analytics Tools to Grow Your Audience
Top 10 Instagram Analytics Tools to Grow Your Audience

Analytics are crucial to the success of any Instagram campaign. They assist you with hammering out a solid plan, measuring the results once you’ve launched, and assessing what to adjust so you can maximize its impact.

That’s why every marketing team needs a robust set of analytics tools. Without one, you’d have a far more difficult time figuring out what’s attracting followers and what’s turning them away.

To help you find a suitable match for your brand, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Instagram analytics tools available right now.

1. SocialFox

When it comes to useful Instagram analytics, SocialFox is a cut above the rest. Their main goal is to provide you with insightful information about your audience that is practical and actionable. That way you can use their data in order to achieve greater levels of growth than before.

Their tools cover a wide variety of different metrics. You can use them to analyze hashtag activity, track your competitors, learn what viewers click on, determine the gender and location of your followers, and much more. Then you can export the data to share with others and use in presentations.

2. Instagram Insights

Instagram’s very own Insights tools deserves some recognition. While it might not be as extensive as the other tools on this list, it’s definitely worth checking out regardless. That’s because it already comes built into your Instagram business account free of charge.

Insights is divided into three main tabs. First there’s the Activity tab, for keeping track of profile visits, website clicks, how many visitors you’ve gotten, and where they came from. Next there’s Content, which contains the analytics for your individual posts, Stories, and Promotions. Finally there’s Audience, where you can find specific details about your followers, such as their age and gender.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare has earned its position as one of the industry leaders in the field of analytics. They currently serve over 25,000 users, including notable businesses such as Air New Zealand and National Geographic. So you know that they’re trustworthy and dependable.

Their analytics toolset is designed to handle both Instagram and Facebook profiles. You can find just about anything you’d want to learn about your account’s performance, your audience’s behaviors, and what people are saying about your brand. There’s even industry benchmarks so you can see how well your account is doing compared to other similar businesses.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a tool geared towards those who like to strategize. Not only does it offer in-depth analytics across several social networks, but it also has features to facilitate collaboration among groups. Their Smart Inbox allows you to share workloads, divvy up assignments, track changes, and communicate quickly with other teammates.

Right now they have a 30-day free trial for anybody who signs up. That’s a whole month of being able to test out the service without any credit card required, and you can cancel at any time.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a platform that will expand your ability to observe your brand’s. With their campaign monitoring features, you can collect data, view live results, create reports, and get future projections.

Keyhole also has monitoring for your events and influencer partnerships, as well as social listening so that you can keep up with your brand’s reputation. They have plans for any size too, whether you’re a small business or a big agency.

6. Quintly

If you’re seeking a premium experience, then you should look no further than Quintly. This top-of-the-line service boasts such high-profile clients as Adobe, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros., and Samsung.

Quintly might be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but you most certainly get what you pay for. They gather information from a selection of over 400 metrics, and even allow you to code some additional ones yourself. You also get a fully customizable dashboard, live chat support, and exportable reports in any format you can imagine.

7. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a well-rounded tool suite that should meet the requirements of any marketer. It comes with around the clock social media monitoring, self-optimization insights, keyword listening, campaign reporting, competitive analysis, and comprehensive reports.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their free Instagram account checkup while visiting their website. It only takes two minutes to do, and you will get valuable recommendations regarding when to post, what hashtags to use, and which content gets the best response from your audience. Consider it a taste of what the full service is capable of.

8. Later

Later is all about giving you options whether you’re a novice or a pro. They have a total of five plans for you to choose from, ranging anywhere from a “Free” plan for individuals, all the way to a sensibly priced “Brand” plan for larger agencies.

Their business packages include tools for tracking your growth, scheduling posts, suggesting and analyzing hashtags, finding and reposting user-generated content, organizing and responding to comments, exporting analytics, and more. There’s also integration with, another service owned by Later that turns your Instagram into a shoppable feed.

9. Crowdfire

You want to manage your Instagram account without any unnecessary complexity? Then Crowdfire is the right choice for you. It consolidates everything you need into a single simple and easy to navigate interface.

Crowdfire can be used to curate content from around the web, schedule your Instagram posts in advance, analyze your performance over time, and compile your mentions so that you can reply to them. Additionally, you can add access for team members with their Premium and VIP plans.

10. SmartMetrics

There are over 500 million daily users that view Instagram Stories. That’s about half of Instagram’s entire user base. So it would be a mistake to neglect Stories in your analytics research. SmartMetrics has you covered in this area.

They provide exclusive metrics that you won’t find in Instagram Insights, such as the engagement rates, bounce rates, impressions, and replies to your Stories. Furthermore, you can find other unique metrics regarding your profile, posts, reach, followers, and hashtag association.

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