Introducing No Bullshit Social Media
Introducing No Bullshit Social Media
Introducing No Bullshit Social Media

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter,  you learned this last week. And you can stop sitting on the news. If you’re not, I’m tickled to tell you that I’ve been writing and have finished my first book. It’s a collaboration with my friend Erik Deckers which will hit bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Borders, in mid-October. It’s from Que Publishing and is entitled No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing. You can pre-order the book now on the book’s new website at!

No Bullshit Social Media

You can choose from Amazon, B&N, Borders, Books-A-Million and Que in the Buy The Book bar in the middle of the page and pre-order. The book will be delivered in mid-October.

As you know, I’ve been arguing for some time now that the vast majority of businesses — real businesses, not tech startups and computer companies — are still not only not using social media marketing well, but not using it at all. The gap between the it-getters and the mainstream consumers and business owners is vast. This book is for those who are still hesitant and think social media is playing on the Internet as opposed to a strategic communications channel that drives business.

Erik and I walk readers through what social media marketing can do for business, how to decide what you want it to do for yours and how to plan, activate and measure what you do. This book is not about Facebook and Twitter. It’s about using social media marketing as a business driver. It’s no-nonsense, no smoke-and-mirrors … No Bullshit. It will reinforce what you know, give you more ideas and help those you work with see social media marketing as a viable mechanism to reach, involve and persuade consumers to do more than “Like” or follow.

And if you know a small business owner that hasn’t jumped on the social media train yet, buy this book for them. They’ll learn a ton and thank you later.

And yeah … it’s written with a little attitude. I figured you might enjoy that part.

You can see some early reviews from folks we were able to get some pre-edit copies to here.

Thank you for buying a copy. And for telling your friends and colleagues to buy a copy. No, it won’t be in your hands until October, but I’ll be honored that it will be.

What You Can Do To Help Us

If you have a blog, forum, or other online audience that we can help provide content for in the form of an interview, a guest post or something even a little more fun, we’d be honored to do so. We can talk about the book, but more importantly, we can talk about how social media marketing can help the businesses of your audience members. If you’d like us to join you in helping your audience, let us know how and we’ll try to schedule it! Just fill out our form and let us know the details.

Erik and I want to come to your community and blow the roof off the joint with the No Bullshit message. We’re busy working on a book tour and adding dates rapidly. If you have a group, organization or business that would like to sponsor a book tour visit, we’re keeping it simple: Travel expenses and 100 books for one of us. Travel expenses and 175 books for both of us. (We can get you bulk book discounts.) You can give the books away to the attendees, your company or local businesses. We’ll come, talk to your group, get them fired up about social media marketing and even sign books if you like.

(I still can’t quite see my signature being worth anything to anyone if it’s not on a check, but I’ll get used to it, I guess.)

Help us book a stop in your town!

Just fill out the form on the book website. We want to get out and meet everyone we can, talk about the No Bullshit approach to social media marketing. Hell, we may even bring T-shirts to give away!

Other than that, just keep being you. The fact that you read this blog, subscribe to my newsletter, share my content, follow me on Twitter … or whatever you do in relation to what I do … I’m humbled by it regularly. Thank you. This is a big achievement for me and without your readership, encouragement and the like, it wouldn’t be possible.

And that’s no bullshit, gang.

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