Is LinkedIn Taking Shots At Facebook? And Why?
Is Calling Someone Desperate, Desperate?
Is Calling Someone Desperate, Desperate?

I’m not one for conspiracy theories or starting rumors, but I am one for calling a spade a spade. This morning in my inbox, I got the daily LinkedIn email with the top stories of the day shared and curated for me and my tastes. Sometimes I look at these stories and sometimes I don’t. I’ve typically already seen most of them in my morning feeds, but today’s struck me as funny.

The top two stories, allegedly accumulated by seeing what people have shared with me or my contacts on LinkedIn, happened to be about LinkedIn. That doesn’t surprise me much. LinkedIn users, especially the social media-rati, are apt to spread content about the network they’re on or they love, thinking other network users will find the content more appealing. It’s akin to telling someone on the bus that riding the bus is cool. They probably don’t care, but are likely to agree.

But the top story in this day’s email I found a bit odd when I read it:

LinkedIn's email

The top story of the day is one that says LinkedIn will outlast Facebook. The article, from Inc. Magazine’s website, basically calls Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and act of desperation, ill-conceived, yada yada.

Is it just me, or does LinkedIn driving home a story about a potential competitor being desperate seem a bit desperate? Perhaps its just coincidence and perhaps these two stories (the second was very LinkedIn focused, too) were the top two that met the Jason Falls-wants-to-read-this algorithm, but it caught me as odd.

So how do we know someone within LinkedIn marketing isn’t weighing stories to ensure LinkedIn looks better? Again, I’m not a conspiracy guy — I think Google actually presents the most relevant search results possible at that time and doesn’t weigh things in funky ways to make more money, etc. But when something strikes me as odd, I figure it’s worth pointing out.

What do you think? Are LinkedIn’s emails a by-product of company promotion, or a sad by-product of the incestuousness of our network time and attention? The comments are yours.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • I also read the article from Inc.Magazine’s website and I don’t know whether to accept it or deny it. I love Facebook and LinkedIn. Both are good in some or the other way. Whatever it is, FB or Twitter or LI, they have their own style that impresses people. 

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  • Jamais l’esprit que Google préférence pour les résultats de recherche d’aller sur Google +, ou que si vous commencez à utiliser un nouveau produit Google, vous êtes obligé de vous inscrire à G +. Parce que ce genre d’approche est vraiment ouvert …

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  • It’s like the recent interview with Sergey Brin, where he called out both Apple and Facebook for practices that he thought were against an open web. Never mind that Google’s preference for search results go to Google+, or that if you start using a new Google product, you’re forced to sign up for G+. Because that kind of approach is really open…

    Shit in, shit out. :)

  • Saw this as well and was curious as to if it was intentional.  Most likely too good of an opportunity to show off content that was not authored by your company favorably highlighting your company.  :)

  • jeffespo

    @Jasonfalls I think its a combination of the two. On one hand, too many people link LI & Twitter so crap is shared 2X on the other, LI wants to puff up their own tires. One thing ignored on the Inc. piece is on how LI wants to be more like FB and also forgets that people are not constantly looking for a job or new clients (depending on career). The two networks are more complimentary than competitors… personal v. work. 


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