Just Started as a Social Media Manager? Read this - Social Media Explorer
Just Started as a Social Media Manager? Read this
Just Started as a Social Media Manager? Read this

The new Social Media Content Manager is charged with overseeing the planning of social media campaigns on a global scale, and to be a driver of social engagement that will include key stakeholders through the creation of top quality unique and traditional content. The Content Manager will also act as a curator/librarian in keeping all content immediately available for repurposing. Successful candidates must possess outstanding writing skills and the ability to create fresh content consistently and in a timely manner.

The new Content Manager must be self-motivated at a high level, with a constant flow of creative ideas and responses to both corporate and outside stimuli and trends. Experienced and fully committed to passionate interest in and interacting with all current stakeholders on a day-by-day basis. His or her primary goals will include, but not be limited to, the following:

Increasing the customer base; through either buy Instagram followers programs or more organic initiatives.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining, only the cream of the crop.

Transforming employees and clients into company advocates.

Keeping community interaction and public relations a top priority.

This is a position with huge and intricate responsibilities. The successful candidate must be able to handle a wide variety of initiatives and creative assignments, and be able to consistently follow through on such duties as:

Guide media strategy on a global basis, based on the company’s business model, while upholding the highest standards of marketing integrity.

Insure that marketing and communication are running parallel with each other at all times and in all countries where clients either exist or where clients need to be found.

Oversee all media campaigns and be able to delegate responsibilities and create teams to handle ESG, sustainability, and recruitment.

Create unique media content that is both informative and timely.

Use embedded blogging and incorporate video and photography to increase brand awareness on a world-wide scale; especially in the sphere of engaging mobile device postings.

Create an ‘assembly line’ mindset when it comes to constantly updating and refining content so that posts are refreshed, if not completely reformatted, in a timely manner.

Safeguard the company’s brand and image on all social media platforms, and be prepared to counteract negative reviews and negative media stories.

Work with relevant influencers to boost brand awareness beyond current levels.

Keep all online communities within the company professional and respectful. Supervise fact checking and monitoring for sensitive issues through the use of staff and algorithms.

Analyze data on a daily basis to insure online content meets the goals set for it, and be prepared to make course corrections in content and presentation as needed in real time.

Make sure all marketing staff are in-house trained on social media best practices on a regular basis.

Position strategic priorities so that executive management is both aware and prepared to deal with professional issues and interact with staff and clients on any level necessary. 

Requirements include a minimum of seven years as a professional corporate content writer. Proof of ability to create and lead a strong social media community will be expected. A track record of keeping projects on track and delivered on time. Professional editorial skills that can be demonstrated with samples from previous employment.

A B.S. or B.A. in either marketing or communications is required. 

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