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Law Firms Need Social Media
Law Firms Need Social Media

Lawyers are an integral part of modern life. They draw up wills, handle incorporation proceedings, defend clients in courts of law — both civil and criminal — mediate divorce settlements, and perform a host of other important functions that makes their services essential as some point in just about everyone’s life. So it’s only natural that consumers want to find and hire only the best and most economical lawyers they can. Lawyers and their law firms, in turn, are anxious to get the word out that they are available, competent, and affordable. No law firm today can afford to ignore the power and ubiquity of social media platforms, and the lawyers who are doing the best business for themselves and their clients invariably have a strong presence on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram — not to mention YouTube and Vimeo.

Search engine optimization and law firm marketing in general are crucial elements for any modern law firm looking to improve its client base. While lawyers are crucial in many ways, there is still a hesitancy, almost a shyness, among the general public to employ them — it’s hard for the law profession to shake the sometimes dodgy reputation they have acquired over the years due to a few poor examples and the sometimes cruel humor of the media and late night comedians. It’s unfair and does not represent the true worth of the legal profession, but it is something that lawyers must deal with in order to get ahead in their profession. And the best way to do that is to have a very strong and very positive presence on as many social media platforms as possible.

Exposure and traffic are the prime elements of any social media marketing campaign, and law firms need to think hard and work smart to make sure their enterprise is branded in a positive and widespread manner. Whether this is done in-house or by an outside team is not the important thing — the important point is that it is getting done, and being updated and refined, constantly. A neglected landing page or inaccurate Facebook post tells prospective clients only one thing — they better start looking elsewhere for the help they need.

The importance of social media referrals

Recently the use of social media for legal firms has not only increased dramatically, but the number of those who are actively searching for legal help through social media sites has shot up explosively. Consumers now study very carefully the recommendations on social media in the same manner would a customer review on Yelp or word of mouth recommendation from a friend or family member. This presents a wonderful opportunity for law firms to grow and manage a slew of legitimate recommendations on their social media sites that will inevitably draw in traffic and result in higher engagement rates, and consequently better client appointment ratios. When a law firm’s profile is tagged by a satisfied client it is instantly shared with potential hundreds of thousands of internet users. This is why an active social media strategy is so richly rewarding to those firms who keep at it constantly and professionally.

Social media is not a time waster

Not for the law professional. Social media is the best and quickest way to stay in contact with former clients so they can reach out again when they have a legal need. Smart law firms send regular newsletters to all their clients detailing news and information that is likely to have a legal impact on them. Clients that know their lawyers are available for an immediate consultation are going to keep coming back and ignoring whatever competing law firms might be throwing at them. This is the perfect win-win situation that law firms need to strive for when it comes to using social media.

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