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Mr. Insta Review
Mr. Insta Review

It’s a dog eat dog world on Instagram. The most popular social media platform of all time can be a very challenging arena for brands, especially small brands, as they vie for audience attention. There are so many companies and so few customers. 

The fact is, prospects are more likely to follow a brand on Instagram and purchase from them, only when they see other people doing the same. They equate the number of followers to brand professionalism and trustworthiness. 

So, it stands to reason that you gather a sufficient number of followers, to generate new ones. This is where a company like Mr. Insta will be of tremendous help. 

What is Mr. Insta?

Mr. Insta is a reputed social media growth site that provides free Instagram followers, as well as sells qualified social media followers and likes to companies. Once you purchase a plan, you can get access to highly targeted groups of followers who are most relevant to your target audience. This helps brands implement highly effective and impactful engagement campaigns that generate numerous organic followers, leads, and conversions.

The best part about Mr. Insta is that the site has a very expansive list of profiles which are very well suited for industries and companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a clothing brand looking to make it big in a youthful market or you’re a specialized pump manufacturer whose target buyers are international petrochemical companies, you can find numerous profiles on Mr. Insta that are perfectly suited to your business needs and requirements. 

Geography is never a constraint with Mr. Insta. The profiles on the site include people and companies from various countries. This makes it extremely easy for brands to implement their Instagram engagement campaigns on a global scale with ease. 

Mr. Insta Features

  • Easy order placement & onboarding 

The order placement, processing, and onboarding on Mr. Insta is extremely user friendly. Companies need to register and log in. Next, you are asked to select the options (.i.e. markets and industries) that are relevant to you. This will help Mr. Insta bring you targeted Instagram followers. All of this takes just about 2 minutes to complete. 

You can try the tool out by activating the free plan and let us tell you; the free plan comes with numerous features and benefits.  

Once you purchase a paid plan, the turnaround (.i.e. delivery) time is under 72 hours. You’ll start receiving the followers in daily batches and you’ll get the first lot between 24-72 hours. 

  • Excellent free user support 

One feature that really makes Mr. Insta stand out from other social media growth sites is its focus on and support for its free users. While most sites ignore free users, Mr. Insta doesn’t. 

Once you activate the free plan, you’ll be asked to follow a handful of profiles manually. Once you do this, you receive 25 verified followers within 12 hours. You have the luxury to keep renewing the free plan forever.

The same thought and effort are put into selecting profiles for free users, as they are for paid members. Free plan users have a dedicated customer support team that is available to answer any queries or issues. 

If this sounds amazing, just wait till you see the features and benefits offered in the paid plans. 

  • More followers than you paid for 

It’s a known fact that Instagram followers are fickle. There’s no guarantee that the followers you’ve purchased will still remain your followers after a few weeks. But don’t worry. Mr. Insta has a solution to this problem too. 

Mr. Insta always delivers a higher number of Instagram followers to clients than the amount they’ve paid for. The objective is to ensure that you retain the total number of followers you’ve paid for, even after the fickle profiles unfollow your account.

  • Intensive Instagram reporting 

Social media is very fluid. Every day new trends take over Instagram, and users’ response also changes accordingly. This is where Mr. Insta’s platform analysis and reporting comes handy. 

Mr. Insta will analyze what trends are currently ranked high on Instagram and what type of content profiles are posting or engaging with. If the tool identifies profiles which previously weren’t part of the company’s target audience, but have now become one, they will deliver these followers as part of your plan. 

In addition to this, the Instagram reporting feature will also study and analyze the engagement your brand receives from the first batch of followers the tool has provided. Based on this, the tool will fine-tune the next set of followers it sends, to ensure that you receive the most suitable followers for your account. 

  • Robust customer support

Customer support on Mr. Insta is available both through a toll-free number and online.

The team is available seven days a week, and the response time is under 24 hours. You can either log into your account and raise a ticket or you can email the company directly, or you can fill in the Contact form on the website.

The toll-free number is applicable to USA and Canada.

  • Easy cancellation & refunds 

The defining feature of Mr. Insta is its easy cancellation and refund policy. Brands who are unhappy with the performance of their Instagram engagement can cancel their accounts in a few minutes’ time. Once your current plan expires, you won’t be billed anymore.

You can also seek refunds on certain grounds, and the money will be credited back to your account in a few days’ time.

  • Not just for Instagram 

Mr. Insta doesn’t just provide followers and likes for Instagram users. Companies can seek social media engagement assistance for other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, and SoundCloud. 

Mr. Insta Plans and Prices

Mr. Insta offers numerous, highly pocket-friendly plans that can fit any budget. Here are the plans you can choose from: 

Instagram Followers Plans

  • Free plan
    • Cost: Free
    • 24-hour plan 
    • 12-hour turnaround time 
  • Daily followers
    • Cost: 15 followers ($20), 30 followers ($40), 60 followers ($80)
    • Monthly subscription 
    • 15 followers per day
    • Pre-vetted profiles, no bots 
    • 24-hour turnaround time
    • 24/7 support
    • Any time cancellation

Instagram Likes Plans

  • Free plan
    • Cost: Free
    • 24-hour plan 
    • 20 likes on one post
    • 12-hour turnaround time 
  • Daily followers
    • Cost: 25 likes ($20), 50 likes ($40), 100 likes ($80), 200 likes ($160), 500 likes ($350), 1000 likes ($700)
    • 25 likes per post 
    • Instantaneous turnaround time 
    • Auto-delivery of likes on new posts
    • 24/7 support
    • Any time cancellation

Premium Services

  • Instagram followers, likes, comments & post views
  • IGTV likes & views
  • YouTube subscribers, likes, shares, comments & views
  • Pinterest followers & likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Spotify plays, followers & playlist followers
  • SoundCloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments & reposts

Premium service packages start from $10 onwards. 

Pros and Cons of Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta boasts of many advantages over other social media growth sites. These advantages include: 

  • Expansive list of services that are conveniently priced.
  • Extremely secure payment channel. 
  • 7 years’ experience providing best-class results (since 2013). 
  • Very easy to use for new-to-Instagram-users.  
  • Access to a vast pool of genuine profiles from across target markets and industries. 
  • Very quick delivery time. 
  • Has an affiliate program where companies can earn extra services for referrals. 
  • Numerous positive testimonials from existing clients. 

Similarly, just like any other social media growth site, Mr. Insta does have a few challenges as well. These challenges include: 

  • Toll free number only available for USA & Canada. 
  • Doesn’t support PayPal – supports Visa, Mastercard, Cryptocurrencies, Gift Cards and 100+ other International Payment Options.
  • No 24/7 customer support for free profiles.  

Is Mr. Insta Safe?

Yes, it is. 

Mr. Insta is one of the premier choices amongst social media growth sites. The company has a growing client list of 100,000+ brands of all sizes and from across the world. The site’s primary objective is to provide you the most secure services. Mr. Insta uses 256-bit encryption to mask your account details. This offers you the highest degree of protection when making your purchases or working on your account.

The best thing about Mr. Insta is that you will have complete, 100% control over your Instagram account (and other social media accounts) throughout the duration of your plan. Mr. Insta doesn’t request access to your account and will never ask you for your account password details. 

The site will only deliver the followers, likes, views, comments and subscribes to the email address which is registered to your Instagram username and you will have complete freedom to manage your social media feed as you see fit. Now you never have to worry about a stranger snooping through your accounts.  

All of the services provided by Mr. Insta are in-line with the guidelines of various social media platforms. You can be assured that your social media reputation is in good hands. 

Final Thoughts

With over 7 years’ experience in the industry (since 2013), Mr. Insta is a trustworthy veteran that offers premium-quality results. 

The site delivers vetted and well-researched followers to clients. Their intuitive and robust approach ensures the highest engagement success rate for brands. The superior prices, coupled with the expansive list of features in each plan – including the free ones – make Mr. Insta a great choice for Instagram marketing. 

Mr. Insta’s comprehensive performance reporting allows companies to make modifications to their social media campaigns on-the-go, thereby effectively responding to competition and pushing for engagement, leads, and conversions.

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