My Pitch Log Mashup, Vol. 7 - Social Media Explorer
My Pitch Log Mashup, Vol. 7
My Pitch Log Mashup, Vol. 7
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

Time to clean out the inbox again with a Pitch Log Mashup. As a reminder, this series is a collection of the sites, services, platforms and programs I get pitched by PR folks, start-up entrepreneurs and various others that I either don’t have the time or the interest in really writing full blog posts about, but are probably somehow still interesting or useful for you.

And if you’re interested in pitching me something, increase your chances and read the “How To Pitch SME” page. If you’re wondering why your pitch didn’t make it on my list, see the, “How To Pitch SME” page. If you’re still not sure, re-read the, “How To Pitch SME” page.

My Pitch Log Mashup, Vol. 7

BlogWell Offers More Case Studies

Andy Sernovitz and the folks at BlogWell are holding another case studies conference, this one in San Francisco on June 23. You can find out more on their website by clicking here.

Journalist Tweets Now Easier To Follow

Cision continues to push the envelope in the media research space with more entrees into social media. The database company has now released, a service that aggregates and sorts tweets from thousands of media members on the microblogging service. Log in, pick your category and get the Tweets of journalists in that category delivered to you. It will be a big help for PR folks trying to find relevant voices in certain fields also plugged in to the social web. It’s a free service, but yet another reason Cision’s paid service thinking is worth looking into as well.

Social Media “Experts” Are Everywhere

Author and marketing thinker David Breznau has written an interesting e-book about the Social Media “Expert” trend. Frankly, I’m quite thrilled Breznau reached out to me. It’s refreshing to find — or rediscover — a non-echo chamber voice amidst the masses. Breznau is the co-author of the best-selling “The Book of Questions,” and, while he doesn’t blog often. He blogs well. Check him out. And read the e-book. It’s worth it.

When Twitter Strategies Go Awry

Blogger Simon Owens made sure I was aware of his reporting of the latest hiccup in Starbucks’s attempt to be more social. The ubiquitous coffee shop brand launched a promotion to challenge users to take pictures of certain posters and post them on Twitter using predetermined hashtags. Liberal activist and filmmaker Robert Greenwald, founder of Brave New Films who is also working on a video exposing Starbucks as an unfair labor shop promptly hijacked the hashtags forcing the brand to dismiss the promotion. You can read Simon’s report here.

Bits and Briefs

Someone from reached out to me to ensure I knew about them. The site provides interesting charts, graphs, research and statistics from the marketing world. You never know when they might pop out something interesting to something you’re working on. Subscribe to their feed if you’re into the marketing world and dig some good backup material from time to time.

Give ‘Em The Juice

Jory DesJardin and the BlogHer crew have combined forces with Tropicana Trop50 to launch The Juice, a new community where women can come together to share practical tips and advice on how to fine-tune their lives in important areas like nutrition, functional fitness, work/life balance, relationships, etc. They have discussions each week with DeJardins and a guest expert on the topic. The cool thing is the discussions are completely driven by consumer/user-generated questions. Each week a new discussion is kicked off with a webisode starring Jory and a guest expert – what makes this community unique is that the webisodes are totally driven by CGM questions and advice that is culled from the BlogHer network and The Juice community. It’s being supported by Tropicana’s new Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr channels.

Save The Earth

Samuel Bergen sent me a link to this. Thought it was worth watching.

Lifestreaming A Little Differently

AmpliFeeder has launched. It’s a free, downloadable, self hosted, open source lifestream platform that aggregates all of your internet activity into one place. It pulls together your blog posts, favorites, photos, videos, tweets and feeds and displays them in a way that is unique to you or your brand.

I don’t see a whole lot of separation here between this and FriendFeed or other services that are similar, but you might find it looks or feels better to you than the others. Worth checking out. There is a preview video here to give you an idea of what it is and does.

Monetizing Your Lifestream

RedGage has some new model of monetizing all your online activity. The idea is that individuals often create as much, if not more, content than media outlets online, but don’t get paid for it. Apparently, RedGage has figured out how to pay you for all your Flickr, blogs, Twitters, etc. Sounds a bit like, the MySpace for the greedy, that supposedly pays you for the number of pageviews you generate on the social network. The more popular you are, the more pageviews, the more money, etc. Sure, there will be a person or two who makes some bucks doing it, but then again pyramid schemes work for someone, don’t they?

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