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Plenty Of Prom Dates, Never Our Crush
Plenty Of Prom Dates, Never Our Crush

Inevitably, when several pretty girls want to go to the prom with you, the one you want doesn’t. Such is life, I guess.

Our Baja 1000 Jim Beam Twitter Tracker, which at the time of this post was still on-going, got a lot of love from a lot of people in the days leading up to Tuesday’s start. The one noticeable blog that didn’t want to go a courtin’ with us? Twitter’s.

We’re hoping to provide some measurement to show the total picture of this particular social media effort in the next week or so. I’ll also try to work up a little video diary of our adventures as well. Photos from our Flickr are already up!

As of 3 a.m. ET Wednesday morning, 326 people were officially following RobbyGordon on Twitter. Many of these have no followers and are following one user, indicating they signed up specifically to follow our Baja efforts. Most of the regular Beam Racing and Robby Gordon fans, however, were watching on, the Twitter page without signing up or on any number of off-road racing sites ( and others) that picked up our feed. (Complete with logos and links to Twitter.) We hope to bring traffic numbers from at least our site (we’ll ask Twitter for stats, too) very soon.

Here is a list of sites who asked us to dance. This doesn’t include the splogs we found (about six of them). We humbly thank them all (and think they’re prettier than Twitter, anyway). And if we missed yours, please let us know. We’ll update.

Business Pundit
Buzz Tracker (Syndicated from Business Pundit) (ADDED)
Communications Overtones
Creative Weblogging (Syndciated from Business Pundit (ADDED)
Nick Huhn
Marobella’s Branding Soapbox (ADDED)
PR Differently
Seeds of Growth (Syndicated from Business Pundit)
Venture Commons
x2in (Syndicated from Business Pundit)

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