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Reviewing Emiiko As An Instagram Growth Service
Reviewing Emiiko As An Instagram Growth Service

Growing your Instagram presence is essential for your account’s expansion and success. Many users have leveraged the power of Instagram Growth services over the last few years to make sizable followers and like gains on the platform. The problem with many of these growth services, however, is that they largely rely on automated processes, utilizing scripts and bots to achieve results. 

But Instagram-growth using methods based on automation has become more prohibitive than successful, with Instagram’s stepping up the fight against such inauthentic activities, making the use of bots for this type of work nearly impossible to deliver any worthwhile results. The use of automated tech to inflate one’s Instagram following could cause accounts to be either suppressed or blocked, neither an ideal scenario for an Instagram user. With such activity no longer permitted on Instagram, the follower growth with these services has declined and the engagement has plummeted. 

When it comes to Instagram growth services, there are basically 3 varying types:

  • Automated and Instagram bot services (powerful tools at one point, but are no longer viable)
  • Manual, human performed Instagram growth services (In 2020, the only truly usable solution left).
  • Acquisition of fake followers and likes from sellers (Total no-no territory).

Emiko recognizes the limitations of the automated approach. This new breed of Instagram growth service leverages a more people-involved approach by comparison to automated services. For that reason, it is one of the only remaining Instagram growth services still capable of driving great results. 

The key reason for their success is the actionable approach that follows Instagram’s guidelines in terms of following, unfollowing, liking, and viewing stories by real people on their phones. There is zero automation or use of bots for your account. This keeps your account safe from being shadowbanned or blocked while growing your Instagram trust score.

There are 5 distinct ways with which Emiiko differentiates itself from other Instagram growth services.

1. Precise Targeting And Consistent Results

90% of Emiiko’s clients are garnering anywhere between 400 and 1500 targeted, new followers monthly. The growth really depends on the quality and frequency of their content, as well as the niche they are in.

Emiiko knows that you need users who follow you because they believe that your content brings them value and because they appreciate your brand, not because they are being forced into it. Purchasing a litany of fake followers will only counteract the rate of engagement, lowering it to produce subpar long term results.

Emiiko has real people who work from your account daily, interacting manually with many other real Instagram users by liking photos and following other Instagram users who fit as your target audience. Due to the organic nature of this approach, it helps to establish natural engagement with new customers on your account as they get introduced to your brand.

When an Emiiko follows another Instagrammer on behalf of their client or likes their photo, the engaged user is likely to be curious about their new follower, and return the favor of checking out that user’s account. As these follows are intentionally chosen, there is a high likelihood of the users already sharing common interests and following the same accounts. This makes it even more likely that the user will follow the client’s account back.

2. Instagram Guidelines & Account Safety

Clients spend a lot of time and energy into building their brands and collecting a following, so it is not something they would ever care to risk. For this reason, account safety and security is more important than ever. Emiiko has helped over 2000 clients since the growth service started in 2016, and has yet to record a blocked or banned account. They have never permitted anything bad to happen to any client account. The Emiiko website assures clients’ data security with full HTTPS encryption.

The reason that Emiiko is such a secure Instagram growth method is that they play by the rules, operating solely within the confines of the Instagram issued guidelines. A real person logs into a client’s Instagram account from their phone, and finds interesting and relevant people to follow, liking their photos, and following their stories. Everything is done by hand, daily, for several hours. In this way, Emiiko will end up interacting with hundreds of users per day on the client’s behalf. By focusing on the right type of Instagram users to follow, the client’s account will experience quality growth. 

Furthermore, Emiiko will not post anything to the client’s feed nor will they reply to DMs. They won’t even leave comments. Emiiko understands that such actions could inadvertently damage the client’s brand, plus those aspects are up to the client anyway. Emiiko’s focus is simply to attract a high volume of quality followers to a brand by following and liking others’ stories.

3. Research And Perpetual Optimization

The quality of gained followers is paramount when it comes to growth on Instagram. For this reason, Emiiko focuses on researching Instagram users before working on acquiring the necessary information from the client. This acquisition comes in the form of an onboarding questionnaire that the client fills out regarding their preferences, their target audience, and goals.

But Emiiko goes a step further by perpetually refining and optimizing the target user in order to always improve results. Using the ‘follow-back ratio’ they can access how many users will follow the clients back for every number of new users followed. By comparing that number to other accounts that the target audience may be following, Emiiko can find which audience resonates with the client the most. By utilizing such optimization tactics, it ensures that the results will steadily improve over time, rather than slowing down and fizzling out like they tend to do with automated Instagram growth services. 

A key reason for this tactic is that just over a year ago Instagram reduced the number of following, unfollows, and likes that a client’s account can acquire in a single hour or day For that reason, it’s not enough to just follow other users, but more importantly, to focus on those are the most likely to convert.

4. Account Management & Reporting.

When a client signs up, they are presented with a questionnaire inquiring about the client’s company, the target audience, company goals, preferences and, most importantly, what other accounts they may be following, or which hashtags they are using. 

Once the questionnaire is filled out, the client is assigned a personal account manager. This person will be in charge of the client’s account going forward, remaining as the primary point of contact, supplying the client with Instagram growth-promoting improvements, and keeping the client updated on the status of their account.

5. Cost-Effectiveness & Money-Back Guarantee

Emiiko has been around for as long as it has and continues to remain strong in an industry where many services can no longer thrive because they do things differently than the others. They are not simply out to make money, they want to do it the right way. That entails satisfying their clients and keeping their accounts secure.

Pros and Cons of Emiiko’s Instagram Growth Service


  • Anywhere between 400 and 1500 new followers per month
  • Acquisition of quality, valuable, real, engaged, and active followers
  • All done for the client
  • Getting a personal account manager
  • No automation or bots, the service is fully manual
  • Weekly reports
  • Pay per service, there are no contracts involved, and the client can cancel anytime


  • The client is handing over account control to another person
  • The service is more expensive than an automated Instagram growth service (somewhat)
  • There are no free trials available

Emiiko Review’s Final Thoughts

Emiiko uses real people to engage other Instagram users on a client’s behalf. This isn’t an automated growth service that has risen and since fallen in popularity over the last few years. Performing better than other growth software, Emiiko offers a more efficiently targeted system. When a real person that learns about your business and understands what you are looking for works on your account, it can make all of the difference in the world. A real person interacting with the system means that the client’s account will always stay within the parameters of Instagram’s rules and terms of service.

Another reason to trust Emiko with your account is that they generate and send along a progress report every Monday morning featuring an audit of all of the activities and conversions generated during the prior week. 

Finally, the $97 per month charge makes Emiiko the cheapest manual Instagram growth service available. When considering that the client will have an actual person representing them instead of a bot, that is a very appealing and competitive price. It’s easy to get started by visiting the Emiiko checkout page.

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