Searching for social ROI? Stop Tearing Your Hair Out
Searching for social ROI?
Searching for social ROI?

I am pulling my hair out over here! It’s one of the absolute worst, most frustrating feelings one can have…losing stuff. You see, I have a computer cord that I only need about twice a year, and I always put it back in the same place when I am done with it. Because when I need it, I really need it. And it’s not here. It’s not in its place, and I’m in the process of tearing my house apart looking for it. It’s a totally helpless feeling. And if you are being asked to prove your social ROI…you know this feeling firsthand. But lucky for you, there’s help for your lost things. Keep your hands off of your hair, and see what SME Digital has found for you.

Crazy Eyes

Losing a computer cord, or your keys, or an important document is the lost-foundfirst step to a full-on hurricane hitting your house. When you have reached the breaking point of looking through the normal drawers, bowls, and pockets, your crazy-eyes come out, and nothing is immune to the wrath of ransacking that takes place. We do this not only on the oft-chance that someone put our keys in the freezer, but also because our helplessness manifests itself in rage. We’re mad at ourselves, our family members, our system, and anything else that we can get our hands on. Everyone knows to stay out of our way when we manifest our crazy eyes.

Now imagine how much more amplified this is when you are being asked to prove social media marketing ROI. Not only are you not sure if the data is there (it is), but you surely don’t know where to find it. Losing a computer cord…that can be replaced; even keys can be remade. But when your job, your career, is on the line, those crazy eyes just got a lot more passionate.

You know the proof is there…somewhere. But where is the data? Where does it live? How do you segment it? How do you pull the valuable insights that you know exist and prove your worth? If these are questions you are plagued with, if you are fighting the good fight to give upper management the numbers they are asking for, we can help.


At the risk of this sounding like a sales pitch, which is it not intended to be, SME Digital has answers, tools, and gifts for you. There are shortcuts (and yes, it’s easy). There are simple ways to connect your data, reveal the relationships between the numbers, and make the right connections that reveal the true story of how your social marketing is impacting the customer journey and the bottom line. If being monomaniacal about proving social media ROI is on your to-do list, we should talk.

If you are tearing your hair out trying to find the ROI for your social marketing efforts, if you are ripping your business apart looking for the right data, or if your team has been speaking in hushed tones about your crazy eyes lately, do yourself a favor, and watch the Prezi below (please view fullscreen). You likely have everything you need; you just need some guidance on where to find it, what it means, and how to connect the dots. Lucky for you, we are super good at connecting the dots.

A Gift For You


Convinced? Curious? Not sure yet? Reach out to us, ask all of your questions, call us to task, and we’ll gladly share with you what we have learned. It’s not magic, but it’s magical. Let SME Digital help you uncover – and discover – the truly impactful insights that are hidden within your data:

As for me, it’s back to hunting for that blasted computer cord. I know it’s around here…somewhere.

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