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Six Social Marketing Memes I Wish Would Die
Six Social Marketing Memes I Wish Would Die

We social — nay content — nay digital marketers sure are a predictable bunch. Please know that my “we” does include me. We’ve top-10’d and How-to’d and Infographic’d our way to taking an online space full of intelligent signal to unintelligible noise faster than a bitchy customer can tweet.

Even from a purely social perspective, we aren’t than original. Some of the personal content I see from my friends in the space is the same old crap, eaten up, chewed up and spat out again and again like they’re a robin feeding a nest of chicks. And, as Nichole smartly explored last week, most of what we do here is all fueled by our egos. Some of them are playful and innocent. Others are pointed and somewhat sinister. Still others are flat out of control.

What better way to express my sarcastic cranky-ism than to summarize what’s pissing me off about the social marketing space these days than in a list post, right? Hypocritical and all, here you go:

  1. List Posts

    List posts are like social media’s cheap ploy to get in your pants. Sure, the SEO geeks have told us all their stats about how many more click-throughs we’ll get. We’ve not once stopped to think that maybe our audience is interested in more than just sex … er sizzle. I’ve thought from the beginning David Letterman should just sue us all. Try harder.

  2. “How To …” Posts

    Another gimmick that the data dorks swear by. They’re not wrong and being instructional and helpful is a solid strategy for anyone’s content. But for the love of Christ can we please Thesaurus-ize our headlines? For all we know, our audience is writing posts in their head like, “Why I don’t click on your unoriginal crap.” Try harder.

  3. Bragging about unplugging

    Guess what? We didn’t miss you while you were gone either. Stay that way.

  4. Blaming Facebook for your organic content’s failure

    Your content isn’t good enough. If it was, you wouldn’t be complaining. Someecards has awesome content, as do many other brands. Guess what? Their organic reach on Facebook is growing. Your job is to create great content. All you do is bitch about how your shitty content isn’t considered great. Start over.

  5. “Announcing” everything about your personal brand

    If you are not a nationally elected figure, movie/television/music/theatre/sports figure or Kardashian, you are not a goddamn celebrity. No one gives a rat’s ass about your career shift or new content focus or new job. If they care about that and not the meat of what you bring to the table, then you bring nothing to the table. Start over.

  6. “Gurus” telling you how you should do things

    Pot — kettle — black. Ignore them. Ignore me. Blaze your own trail. Think your own thoughts. You know you have an audience to reach. You know what messages you need to send them. Figure out a meaningful way and stop wasting your time listening to generalists babble on about our thoughts and how they *might* apply to you. That’s a great way to reset your mind, your work and your success.

And, yes. You should take all that stuff up there with the appropriate grain of salt and come back tomorrow for more awesome on SME. ;-)

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