Social Media And The Executive: How Dr. Albert Mohler Uses Social Media
Social Media And The Executive: How Dr. Albert Mohler Uses Social Media
Social Media And The Executive: How Dr. Albert Mohler Uses Social Media

Dr. Albert Mohler is one of the leading intellectual and inspirational leaders in the modern evangelical movement. He is a frequent commentor on the American and global political scene, is often a guest on shows like Larry King Live, Meet The Press and more. From his position at the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his job is to both educate and inspire a generation of spiritual leaders and followers. Dr. Mohler and the Seminary happen to also be a client of Social Media Explorer.

Less because of us and more because of Dr. Mohler’s ingenuity and energy, he has become a shining example of how an executive can and should use social media to help spread the message of his organization and welcome others into a greater conversation that grows its audience and helps drive business (students to the seminary). He personally Tweets, authors an outstanding blog and also reaches followers with a stimulating podcast — regardless of your political or spiritual agreement with his perspective.

My appreciation for Dr. Mohler not only lies there, but in his practical approach to technology. He recognizes that it is not the end-all be-all to communications. The last question of my recent interview with him below gets to that point. “You can’t get your oil changed on the Internet,” he said.

Dr. Mohler and I sat and discussed how he uses social media, how he hopes others use it and it’s importance in the landscape of our communications tools.

If you are curious about the blog post I referenced in which Dr. Mohler said that YouTube was a terrible place to go to church, you can find that on his blog here. You can learn more about him there and find out more about the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on their site.

What takeaways did you glean from Dr. Mohler’s comments? What can you take back to your executives that help them better understand the opportunity social media presents? Please tell us your thoughts on what Dr. Mohler had to say in the comments.

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