Social Media Explorer Welcomes the SoLoMo Show on Weekends
Social Media Explorer Welcomes the SoLoMo Show on Weekends
Social Media Explorer Welcomes the SoLoMo Show on Weekends

Well if you didn’t consider all of the great social media and digital marketing goodness here on SME enough to wet your whistle, I’m happy to share some great news with you. A little backstory first. Since January 1st 2012, friend Cory OBrien and I have been hosting The SoLoMo Show a weekly podcast where we discuss the intersection of social, local and mobile marketing and advertising. Cory and I are both incredibly passionate about these topics and in late 2011 decided we wanted to share our thoughts with passionate professionals and practitioners. Where better to find said awesome crowd than here on SME?

So with the kind blessings of Mr. Jason H. Falls, we will be syndicating our episodes each week right here on this very blog (not really sure if his middle name starts with an “H”, but for those aware of his trademark “Heh” it was as good a guess as any). We will be what you might consider the “SME Weekend Edition” and which will be published here every Saturday starting tomorrow.

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Now, I have to tell you… we are still quite rough around the edges. After all, this simply started as a spontaneous labor of love for Cory and I, but with 20 shows under our belt so far, already I have to say… we really enjoy producing the show each week and are always tweaking it in an effort to improve. That said, we still want your opinion. What good is any show, let alone one taking up space here on SME, if it doesn’t provide any value to its audience? So my request to you is that you take a listen to one or two of our past episodes (conveniently posted below) and tell us what you think. How could we better provide information you find interesting and valuable? What would make the SoLoMo Show a part of your weekly content consumption routine? You can let us know in the comments or preferably directly on one of our SoLoMo Show social channels listed below.

Lastly, as I said, we will post the latest fresh episode of the SoLoMo Show here tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it. We are giving away a ticket a week starting this week to the Social-Loco conference in San Francisco. Interested in Attending? Then listen to the show to find out how to get your free ticket.

Thanks in advance for listening to the show and a big thanks to Jason for allowing me to share our show with

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