Why do social media explorers Go To Explore in Nashville? See what one explorer is seeking from Explore Nashville.
Social Media Explorers Head to Nashville
Social Media Explorers Head to Nashville

Editor’s Note: Andrea Cook has joined the writing staff here at SME as our event correspondent. She will be blogging and Tweeting from Explore Nashville tomorrow (and is even being trusted with my Twitter account to share insights from the day). So to introduce her, I thought she should write a little preview of what she’s expecting tomorrow. She’s a little gratuitous on making me sound good below, but she’ll get over that as she gets to know me better. Heh. Enjoy!

Nashville. A little bit of country, and a whole lot of rock-n-roll and soul – when it comes to music and food. And on Friday this week, Nashville will be loud, rockin and groovin with a star-studded line up of social media mavericks. These razzle-dazzle digital marketers will give it all they got, and that’s a lot, to help make the world a better place when it comes to best practices for business growth. Agencies, consultants and in-house marketers are planning to attend this event and I am counting down to Friday’s full day of Explore in Nashville.

My Expectations for Explore Nashville:


I’m looking forward to the engagement from the networking opportunities in Nashville. As a consultant, I have a real need to build real relationships in my industry. For me, it isn’t about the quantity of Twitter followers, it is about the quality of the relationships. Explore reaches out and draws in high quality professionals and provides the IRL (in real life) opportunity for handshakes and eye contact. Anyone in media knows, real relationships, engagement and conversations cannot exist in 140 characters alone.

Anyone who knows Jason Falls understands his high standard of quality. As the event promoter and host, he will certainly draw in a level of professionals who are up to snuff, not in a snobby, pretentious way, but in a genuine make-me-smarter brain exchange.

Networking with high quality professionals is important to me. Also, I’m hoping to learn something that I don’t already know. That’s right, I said it. I’m hoping and expecting to learn.


I’ve attended several social media conferences in the past year and frankly, I’m bored with the content that the majority of the speakers have offered. I went to SXSW earlier this year with 22,000 other media professionals. Fortunately I had a press pass that paid for my registration, because if I would have paid out of pocket for some of those light-weight, self promoting sessions, I would have been pissed. The real value I gained from SXSW this year was in the networking nirvana.

I realize that SXSW did have a lot of amazing speakers peppered throughout the full week of interactive sessions, some speakers who will be presenting at Explore, in fact. The event was enormous and overwhelming; finding excellent content at SXSW often felt like searching for a needle in a haystack, much like finding meaningful and unique content in the blogosphere can feel at times.

Bored of all the basic 101 level of tips on blogging, tweeting, pinning and the latest B, I’m confident in the quality and delivery of content each of the Explore speakers will share. Jason wouldn’t allow just any joe-blow to present smoke and mirror crap. Remember, Jason wrote a book to debunk all that is bullshit when it comes to social media. I’m expecting to get bonafide brilliance from the experienced digital media professionals as I search for a level of content that stretches my mind and gives me hands-on tips and best practices in today’s marcom world.


In today’s wild world of technology, the rapid and frequent changes in media can be maddening. It requires a seasoned sage to size it all up and give clear insight and direction. One of the best storytellers I know is Jason Falls. His clear and concise method of communication makes understanding the most complex problems and solutions easy and enjoyable.

After all, isn’t that the gold nugget we are all searching for? Clear communication. Effective communication that helps us to understand so that we can better define the real issues, apply techniques, sell the value, reach the goals, get the results for our clients – for us.

I expect to get clarity from the subject matter presented by the speakers. Topics that will range from ROI, Digital Engagement, Analytics, Targeting, Attraction, Retention, Customer Service and so much more will be discussed in one clear and concise workday, allowing future workdays to be more successful. I’m looking forward to the razor sharp advice and storytelling by Jason and his rodeo of presenters!

Three Calls to Be An Explorer

#1. It’s not too late for you to join in on this event. Click here  to register for Friday’s event at the Embassy Suites Airport Nashville. It starts with a continental breakfast at 8:00. You will NOT want to miss the morning’s keynote speaker, Amber Naslund. There are a lot of reasons why Amber was one of Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Influencers and she will awaken and enlighten the Explorers as the event kicks off at 8:45 a.m.

#2. If you aren’t able to attend Explore in Nashville, how about registering for one of the next events, like the one in Minneapolis in August, or Portland in October? How about Irvine in November? See GoToExplore.co for more details.

#3. Want to get some of the top hot takeaways of Explore Nashville? I’ll be covering the event live and you can access some of the valuable insight shared throughout the day while you sit at your desk. You won’t get the face-to-face interaction and stimulating conversations with top-tier leaders and peers, but you can grow your brain from key points that I will be sharing online. Coverage will be pushed to Twitter via @JasonFalls and  with the #GoToExplore hashtag. In addition to the tweets, I will amplify some of the goodies on Storify and will be curating the sessions as future articles here on Social Media Explore. Check it out.



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