Social Media For The Travel Industry Professional
Social Media For The Travel Industry Professional
Social Media For The Travel Industry Professional

Is there an industry better suited for success in social media than the travel industry? Social sites are almost always geared toward, or naturally gravitate toward recommendations and referrals. The most popular form of social content is normally pictures and videos. What do you do when you go on vacation? You take pictures and videos and then post them to your social channels to share. It’s like one big “duh” isn’t it?

My friends Sheila Scarborough and Becky McCray are both expert-level social media and marketing thinkers who have a fantastic learning program for travel industry professionals around social media called Tourism Currents. The course has been implemented once already and then vetted and redone with travel industry professional’s feedback to make it even better.

Tourism Currents LogoThey’ve opened enrollment again for the four pieces of their lessons, which include:

  • Introduction Workshop: Social Media For Tourism
  • Short Course 1: All The Basics
  • Short Course 2: The Results Mulipliers
  • Full Course: All-in-one price

You can take one or all of them and pricing ranges from $99 for the Introduction workshop to $490 for the full deal. And because Sheila and Becky are good people, they do offer a money back guarantee, but stipulate it’s not a “no questions asked” one. They’ll ask you tons of questions about why you want your money back, not to harass you, but to find out what they can do better. That’s the kind of peeps they are.

They’ve asked me to be an affiliate for their courses and I’m proud to do so. (All the links here are affiliate links. If you’d prefer I not receive a portion of your sign up fee for the point, click on this link to go straight there with no credit for me.) If you’re in the tourism or travel industries and you want to cut through the generalist information available out there to get to the core of what YOU do, go sign up now. It will be well worth your investment.

And as you may know, I’ve been working on a new online learning community around social media. It might sound like Tourism Currents is similar. While there certainly are some lessons you could learn there that I’ll also have at Exploring Social Media, the content is built around the travel industry, so it’s more relevant to that type of user. I’ll also be working with Sheila and Becky to share some content on both sides so our respective audiences can find more learning if they want it.

Do give Tourism Currents a look see. You’ll be glad you did.

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