Social Fresh Brings Social Media Learning To Nashville
Social Media Smarts Comes To Nashville
Social Media Smarts Comes To Nashville

I’m really excited about speaking at Social Fresh – Nashville on January 11. Jason Keath, the conference organizer, and I have been going back and forth for a while now about his ideas on spreading the good word about social media. He’s based in Charlotte and, after a very successful kick-off event there, plus a cruise I was bummed I couldn’t attend, is now taking the social media learning show on the road. I’m particularly excited about what Jason is doing because he’s bringing excellent social media programming for marketers to the Southeast, which gets overlooked by the population center-based folks who think the American South is full of Jed Clampetts.

Social Fresh is an idea born from taking the best parts of several different conferences and combining them into one, power-packed event for marketers, public relations professionals and brand managers. The idea is to give people practical advice, case studies and real-world examples and inspiration. Jason has a power-packed lineup coming to Nashville and I want to extend a personal invitation to you to come. The cost is very reasonable: A full day of kick-ass social media learning from big name brands and thinkers in the business for $275 (if you register by Dec. 18; $315 after). Here’s who you’ll get to see:

Some of the 13 panels and topics include:

  • The ROI Of Community
  • Social Media In The Music Industry
  • Corporate Blogging Is Your Social Media Home Base
  • B2B Innovation In Social Media
  • Real Twitter Results
  • Word of Mouth Marketing form the Bottom Up
  • Moving The Needle: Social Media For Your Bottom Line

I’ll be presenting that last topic and would be honored to have to come. The night before, there will be a networking happy hour. I’ll be there and I want you to come and share in the opportunity to meet some of these decision makers and innovators in the social media marketing world. You’ll get a lot out of this event. Plus, we’ll get to hang. That’s cool.

You can register for the event using this link to the Social Fresh registration site. (Disclosure: As a speaker, I also get to serve as an affiliate of the conference and get a modest commission on any sales made from the link. If you’d prefer I do not receive a cut, use the link to register here.)

You can also learn more about the day’s events, speakers and more at the Social Fresh Nashville website. And, if you’re in the Tampa, Fla., area, the next Social Fresh is coming your way Feb. 8. (I won’t be attending that one … sniff.)

Come to Nashville. It’ll be fun and you’ll learn a lot. I’ll see you there!

About the Author

Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Can't wait, Georgia!

  • Jason- I look forward to the conference and an opportunity to meet in person. I hope we get a chance to chat about how SMC Nashville and SMC Louisville can help each other out with ideas for 2010!

  • Jason- I look forward to the conference and an opportunity to meet in person. I hope we get a chance to chat about how SMC Nashville and SMC Louisville can help each other out with ideas for 2010!

  • Looking forward to seeing you again Jason. We are gonna rock Nashville! =D

  • jeremysaid

    Anything to get me out of NC. I have to see if my boss will let me go :)

    • Hope to see you there! Good luck.

    • Jeremy, let me know if you are serious about going. I may be able to help.

  • Wow I wish I could get there (family in the area too) I love Amber & especially Geno. SoFresh has the best topics & speakers…

    • Well, c'mon! Heh.

    • Thanks Lynette. Why can't you make it? Let me know if I can help somehow.

      • Oh, my reason for foregoing travel early 2010 is a broken tooth & no dental insurance. $3000 to fix it. Diverting funds is never fun. I have to stick to things closer to home (NJ) in the DC/Boston corridor even if it means missing some great speakers. I really like the attitude of the SoFresh functions though, trust me, there is nothing like it in the Northeast.

        • well that sounds more than reasonable. Thanks for the kind words. We are trying to make a good thing great. =)

  • I know Zena Weist! Great social media professional and one of the founders of KC's chapter of the social media club.

    • Yeah … I'm excited to see Zena again. We rocked the mic at karaoke
      at SOBCon last spring.

    • Annie, Zena is great. Very sharp. Super excited to have her at the event. I cannot speak to her Karaoke skills like Falls can =)

      Are you coming to the event?

      • I wish I was coming, but sadly am not! My company already used up all the conference attendance budget for IMS09.

        • Shoot me a message on Twitter if you really want to go. We have a couple scholarships you could apply for. @jakrose

  • I will be in attendance! Glad your presentation is on Moving the Needle as your recent post on that topic sparked a lot of interest.

    But wait… is a networking happy hour the same as a happy hour happy hour? heh

    And if you need a videographer for some of those funny Falls interviews, let me know.

    • You're hired. We'll interview a bunch of people and you're my


  • Will do!

  • Looks like a great event. Have fun all.

  • Getting pretty excited about Jason's conference initiatives. Definitely fills a significant hole.

    • That it does. Gotta get you to one of these, Stu.

  • The conference will be great — look forward to speaking alongside some great brands and marketers! See you in a few weeks Jason.

  • This is going to be a great event! I am looking forward to talking B2B Social Media. Please join us!

    • Amen to that. B2B with Kipp too. (I left out some good folks on the speaking docket. Most of whom are yelling at me privately. Heh. Except for D.J. Waldow from Blue Sky Factory. He's not yelling at me at all. Heh.)

      • Yelling is such a strong word, but nice ZING. I would have commented earlier but the cloud seemed to be filled…

        Looking forward to talking shop and sipping on some cold ones Sunday and Monday night.

        DJ Waldow
        Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

  • Thanks for the shoutout Jason. Looking forward to what should be an awesome event.

  • I'm registered and am sure it's going to be a fantastic event! I registered under the early registration deadline several weeks ago, so didn't know about your affiliate link- apologies :)

    • No need to apologize. Glad you're going. See you there!


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