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Social Media: The Positive and Negative Aspects
Social Media: The Positive and Negative Aspects

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that can be used for great causes and some that are not so great. Social media has led to relationships ending and even death for some that took things too far. Most people use social media for the distraction that it provides but social media addiction plagues quite a few people without them realizing it. The following are some negative and positive aspects of social media platforms. 

Social Media Can Further Your Career or Ruin It

Posting the wrong thing that goes viral or is seen by management at your company can spell disaster. You can lose your job and be disgraced depending on what was posted. Social media is also a place where you can further your career on platforms like LinkedIn or by getting a referral due to interacting with someone on Twitter. Use social media to further your career rather than ruining it. Doing something as simple as commenting on industry news can allow you to gain a following among those in your business niche. Engaging with followers can lead to job offers as building an organic following is a skill in itself. 

The distraction that social media presents has cost people their jobs as they simply cannot go an hour without checking their Instagram or Facebook. Take the time to truly think about whether social media is preventing you from achieving your professional goals. You might find that when you have deactivated your accounts that you get far more done at work and at home. Social media can be too good of a distraction at times especially when watching funny video after funny video. 

Learn About Global News

Learning about global news can be tough if you just watch your local news on television and if you’re aware of the fact that people can just buy cheap youtube views. Truly global news is trending on Twitter and on Facebook constantly. The ability to share information or views on this is what makes social media so powerful. Hashtags that start to trend for the right causes can generate attention to an issue that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten mainstream media coverage. 

Bullying Does Occur So Avoid It

Getting caught up in a discussion about politics or religion is your right on social media but it can lead to bullying. People get far too upset about certain things and might go as far as contacting your employer so avoid conflicts. Being bullied on social media occurs with teens as well so parents should be aware of what social media accounts their children have along with interactions that are had. 

Great Causes Gain Recognition

The communication that goes on via social media can be powerful. Kids that might have health issues have gotten to meet their heroes over the years. There have been challenges that have raised money and been quite a bit of fun with some dumping cold water on themselves for social media/disease research. 

Social media can be a very positive or negative place depending on your relationship with the different platforms. Try to get the most out of social media as it is extremely powerful and could change your life.

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