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Socializing At SXSW
Socializing At SXSW

Day one at South by Southwest (SXSW) couldn’t have been more fun or productive. My Flickr set documents some of the happenings. The video below puts the icing on the cake.

New Media Jim, Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells and meShawn Morton, a/k/a Smorty and proprietor of Profilactic, one of the first and still the best (IMHO) lifestreaming platform on the web, and I boarded our plane just before the biggest blizzard in decades hit Louisville. After puddle-jumping to Birmingham, then Houston, then Austin, we jumped into SXSW socializing full force.

The first people I saw at registration were Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, two of my favorite people in the world. Tamar Weinberg and I passed each other on the escalator. She later live (or semi-live) streamed me talking. Where, I forget. A great Twitter pal, Shashi Bellamkonda was there at registration, too. Smorty then introduced me to MyBlogLog creators Eric Marcoullier and Todd Sampson, creators of MyBlogLog, who were both interested and kind enough to call me to task on my reaction to MyBlogLog’s lifestreaming functionality post from a few weeks back.

Eric then introduced me to Bostjan Spetic (Boss, as we call him) of who is introducing a new browser-based application soon that will apply semantic analysis of your blog post as you’re composing it, then recommend links, images and keywords for your post. We’ve asked for a preview and will bring it to you as soon as we get it.

Smorty and I met up with pal Nick Huhn and my man Richard McInnis from Radian6. We then watched Smorty wax some guys ass on Guitar Hero at the Microsoft station.

Then the Twitteratti went nuts and a big party commenced. I met up with Chris and Christy, finally met and spoke with Stephanie Agresta, and had the honor of meeting both Jeremy Wright of b5 Media and Liz Strauss, of whom I’ve been a fan for a long time.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was finally catching up to Scott Monty, one of my favorite bloggers and new friends, who provided our highlight of the evening.

When the Mix at Six (So unfortunate this wasn’t a party) turned out to be a line to see Chris Brogan (and later Robert Scoble), Marcoullier insisted we go create our own party, which we did. Twitter fiend New Media Jim Long joined us, as did several other new friends. We then went for a late dinner with Charlotte Sells of Jim Beam. Charlie O’Donnell joined us, as did Josh Guttman of Sphere, Rachel Strate of Epic Ventures and Danielle Collins of Charlie’s company, Path 101, among others.

The only bad thing about SXSW thus far is there’s no way I can remember to put everyone’s name and blog links together in a late night post. Here’s Smorty’s recap, which does a much better job of pointing out many of the people we saw, met, spoke to and frolicked with. His site also shows off a lot of the cool executions of using Profilactic.

But you can see the Flickr set here and, of course, follow me on Twitter if you want to know what’s happening between posts.

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