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Strategies for Promoting Social Media Video Content
Strategies for Promoting Social Media Video Content

Experts have predicted that video content will make up most of the Internet’s traffic within a couple of years. Corporations make the investment into video production services because history has shown that these investments provide impactful ROI towards achieving just about any business goal.

To capitalize on this, you will need to create quality video content guided by a deep understanding of your audience. With that step completed, you need to increase your video’s ROI by attracting as many viewers to it as possible. This involves implementing strategies designed to promote video content. You should focus on:

Your Packaging

Packaging is a crucial component for catching the eye of consumers. In this respect, a video is the same as any other product. If you want attention, you will need to opt for creative packaging. When it comes to video content, this typically means the title and the thumbnail.

This is the online video equivalent of an album cover or the dust jacket of a book. Packaging quality plays a significant role in whether or not people will watch a video.

Optimizing for Search

As with any content, the point is to have your video rank highly in organic search results on Google and YouTube’s search engine. This involves much more than just creating and uploading. An understanding of SEO is essential, including knowledge of how to conduct keyword research.

If possible, place your keyword at the start of the title. Keep in mind that for SEO purposes, your YouTube video’s title is the essential element on the page. You will want a title that consists of fewer than 60 characters to keep it from being cut off on the search results pages.

Next, work on your description and tags. The narrative is beneficial for SEO and will help viewers determine what they are about to watch. As with the title, keep your target keyword close to the start of the description.

Also, you should link to some of your other content in the description. For example, you can include links to your social media profiles as well as to your website. Tags are descriptive keywords that are helpful for getting your content found by search engine users. Choose 3 to 5 relevant keywords to use as tags, with one of them being your target keyword.

Choosing the Right Platform

The platform you choose depends on what you want from your video content. For example, each platform comes with their advantages and disadvantages. YouTube will offer a high viral potential with its 1.3 billion users, but Vimeo provides a much cleaner interface and higher quality videos with the drawback of a much smaller set of users.

Similarly, Facebook can bring rapid awareness to your followers, but content will be “fenced in” from the rest of the Internet and all but invisible to anyone not on Facebook. The right decision here will involve looking carefully at the different options and determining which is best for your content. The clean interface of Vimeo may make it a better choice for B2B marketing when compared to YouTube.  

In many cases, the best option is to host the content in as many places as possible.

Embedding Your Video

Embedding your video can maximize ROI. Best options include inserting it into your email signature or using it in your email campaign. You can also add it to your homepage to lengthen the time that visitors spend on your site. Add it to your social media channels to reach some of the millions of people who watch videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat every day.

Consumers love video content, and the strategies above can significantly increase your ability to reach your audience.

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