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Successful Ways to Promote your Gold Business on Social Media
Successful Ways to Promote your Gold Business on Social Media

Are you looking for new ways to push your gold jewelry business forward on social media? Well, you are at the right place at the right time then. Social media has come up as a good way for marketers to reach where the consumers are. With many social media sites coming up, consumers and marketers can interact with each other through different methods.

There are numerous strategies for success on social media, and retailers that are able to find the find the balance between all of them will be the ones tasting success online. While many talk against focusing on your brand online, there are ways you can highlight the unique attributes of your brand, without sounding overly promotional and self centered.

Go through the lines and promotional tactics below, and help push your gold business forward on social media.

Create Name Recognition

There is no better way to brand your business than by creating awareness of the brand name. An attractive brand logo and name can help your case in the following ways:

  • It helps your brand look like a more trustworthy and professional business
  • It creates amazing name recognition for you.

Both of these factors above, eventually lead to more customers, ensuring that you have a list of potential buyers on the ready.

High Resolution Photography

Social media is all about high resolution photography that can help you achieve the ultimate goal that you’re looking for. With Instagram and Facebook suited best for live picture stories and many other features that favor visual brilliance, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using pictures or better known in the field as static images to advertise your brand on social media.

In consideration, you can start actively promoting your brand by posting high resolution and bright pictures of the products that you’re offering. People will like your offerings and will quite possibly share the high resolution pictures of the aesthetic jewelry pieces forward. With your company’s logo and name highlighted on the picture, you can use that viral picture to generate further rapport for your brand.

Better pictures would also mean that your customers know that you are offering something worth buying. With this recognition, they are more likely to interact with your brand more frequently, and finish deals with lesser contemplation than before.

Post Gold Rates Daily

Alongside promotional content, it is recommended that you also post informational content for your customers to see and ‘like’. To start off with, you can post market rates for gold daily; so that customers can just pay your social media page a visit to see the latest prices for gold and other metals in the open market.

Customers will definitely react positively to this, as they will realize the importance of the information that your page is offering to them. This is likely to increase engagement and drive more potential customers to your page.

Special Offers

With greater access to potential customers online, you can make more offers to a wider range of people. Gone are the days where your offers and discounts went unnoticed, as with social media everything is noticed and worked upon, if you play your cards right.

Winter is a festive season in India, with many weddings and other events. You can use the popularity of your product due to the season to offer a discounts and further increase the demand towards your products.

Market Early

The current year is about to end and 2019 is about to begin. This means, it is time for you to start creating a list of all important festivities and occasions for the next year. Festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all other should be marked on a calendar, so that you can start marketing early for them.

You should preferably start marketing customized jewelry and gold for festivities, a month or so in advance. Remind people that a certain festivity is coming, and that you have the jewelry to help them make the purchase they want. If they think they don’t want it, it is your job to entice them into it by highlighting the importance and value they will miss out on if they do not.

Respond Fast

There is nothing that damages your brand rapport more than a slow customer support team on social media. The job of the social media team is to take all customer support and retention queries, and answer them at the earliest. However, most brands neglect the importance of this sector and end up losing customers due to poor performance.

If you want to build your rapport, you should have a team of dedicated individuals, willing to service client around the clock.

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