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How to Successfully Boost SEO with Social Media Marketing: Yes, It Can Be Done!
How to Successfully Boost SEO with Social Media Marketing: Yes, It Can Be Done!

We all know how important SEO is, but it obviously cannot bring all of the benefits of internet marketing on it’s own. According to Search Engine Land, it’s not “the icing on the cake,” but “an important ingredient.” It must be combined with social media marketing and content marketing.

As a rule of thumb, be sure any SEO company you work with offers social media marketing as part of its services. Once you start to work in multiple facets of digital marketing you’ll notice your ROI increase exponentially!

Here’s some ways SEO and SMM can be combined:

Keep Your Content Unique  

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting a blog comment, Facebook comment, Tweet, or blog post: anything you create should be unique. It’s okay to retweet or repost, just as long as you add your own perspective here and there as well. Search engines love original content as there won’t be many other blogs competing for the same keywords.

Remember That Social Media IS Engagement  

Social media is not just about follows, likes and shares. Nor is it just posting unique content. Everything must be used for the purpose of engagement. If you want to share website builder reviews, for example, be sure to add your own two cents.

Why do you agree with a certain review? Why do you feel the need to share a particular review? If you write your own review, it’s a good idea to reference others. Proper engagement on social media platforms helps with SEO and your overall brand strategy. Adding a personal touch to your posting will help you stand out and generate organic traffic the old fashioned way.

Keep Things Evergreen

Fresh, relevant content tends to rank higher than old content with outdated information. No matter what industry you’re involved in, there should be something new to share on a regular basis. You could also go back to older posts and update them or try to put a new spin on things. Great for those days where you’re pressed for time.

Engage with Social Media Influencers

A report on The Irish Times explains that social media influencers “are the ones whose Tweets, Facebook posts, etc… attract big audiences.” Engaging with them is important – especially if you consider yourself to be an expert. They could reference links to your content or mention you. However, don’t simply spam them, or your strategy could backfire. Take your time to get to know influencers in your field by engaging with them and monitoring them over time.

Gain Followers Naturally

Just as you can’t buy traffic for your website, you cannot buy followers on social media. While there are companies that offer to sell traffic and followers, buying does not count since the followers are either just robots or not interested. Plus, you’ll hurt your SEO efforts if you don’t earn everything the right way as Google has ways to detect it. Gain followers organically by sharing relevant, unique content and engaging with them. It’s better to have ten genuine followers than 10,000 fake ones. 

Use Local Listings to Boost SEO

Don’t forget about sites like Yelp and Google+. Review sites and local listings are a form of social media as well. Take the time to optimize your local listings pages by adding quality images and useful content. Encourage happy consumers to leave you a positive review. The more positive reviews you receive, the easier it is to build your brand and rank higher in search engine results.

You can’t simply view SEO and social media marketing as separate entities. The two must be combined as much as possible, along with link-building and content marketing.

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