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Tech Support Just Got Easier, Safer
Tech Support Just Got Easier, Safer

What do you do when a customer calls with an odd complaint about your website? They can’t find the “Buy” button or get to a certain page they’re looking for? When visual assistance is what they need and exposure to exactly what they’re seeing is the quickest way to a solution we are often left with cumbersome options?

You could ask the customer to log on to a screen sharing application like You could have them take a screen shot and email it. You could ask them to figure out how to download an app then give you remote access.

But if they can’t find the button, are they really going to be able to do any of that? And giving remote access opens up a Pandora’s box of liability and security issues.

Clickwithmenow logoIn the world of technology, however, where there is a problem, there will be a solution. Enter ClickWithMeNow. With this software (as a service model), your customer service agent or tech support specialist can simply email a link to the customer which activates a JavaScript-powered session in their browser. The support person then sees the customer’s screen, the customer sees an indicator of the support specialist’s mouse so he or she can point the customer along.

It’s like a virtual laser pointer in the browser screen.

The software is built so the company representative has no control over the customer’s computer – just visual access to the browser in question. The customer has complete control over what browser and even what tabs within that browser the customer support agent see.

ClickWithMeNow provides quick and easy visual support with little to no effort on the part of the customer. It does so in a safe and secure way without exposing data or giving the company true access to anything on the customer’s computer.

If your tech or customer support isn’t using this yet, the only question is why not?

Check them out at And no, I have no affiliation with the company, nor do I benefit from its success. It’s just a freakin’ useful tool.

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