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The 10 Best Social Media Blogs of 2017: Premier Blogs for Learning Social This Year
The 10 Best Social Media Blogs of 2017: Premier Blogs for Learning Social This Year

Well folks, it’s a brand new year and if you’re anything like me you’ve likely got a list of resolutions already collecting dust. But here’s one resolution I challenge you to actually stay true to this year: Avoid Bad Content. Seems simple enough right? Well, we thought we’d make things even easier by sorting through the flaming piles of pure garbage out there to bring you the Best Social Media Blogs of 2017. We developed a patent pending 100% no-bullshit approach to choosing these blogs and stand behind each one. Get your bookmarks bar ready folks, it’s about to get social in here.

1. Jenn’s Trends

Jenn Herman is a frontrunner in the world of social media and her blog is no different. What we loved about Jenn’s Trends is the diversity of content. Some weeks she’ll be discussing email list growth while others dive into more niche topics like what kind of role Instagram Stories could play for businesses.

2. Ted Rubin

We love Ted because he tells it like it is. If we had to pick the most honest blogger on this list Ted would be high at the top. Coupled with his honestycomes a unique perspective on social, one that involves the human behind the screen. Ted likes to sprinkle both inspiration and life advice within his posts that make him stand out as a true philosopher of our time. Here’s one of our favorite quotes by him:

“The time is now…Your future is written largely by what you do today, so the biggest single challenge for marketers in 2017 will be staying focused. Stop worrying about what’s next and concentrate on delivering what is now!”

3. Buffer Social

Another household name in social, Buffer has cleared quite a space for itself within the social media blogging-sphere. On top of their already top-of-the-line content, Buffer just released an entire freaking social media academy available for free and catered to your own specific interests. I’ve personally been using the academy myself and can not believe they’re not charging for it (I mean come on guys, I would have paid at least $5 for this you’re missing a golden opportunity here!)

4. Marsha Collier

Marsha is just an all around certified 100% cool person. Her blog is an endless source of inspiration and entertainment including but not limited to live interviews with actual freaking astronauts, Come to Marsha’s blog if you’re interested in the technology and psychology behind marketing.

5. Agora Pulse

Agora is one of those huge names in social that you just have to know by now. But in case you’ve missed them, say hello to Agora Pulse. When you look past the name (which is honestly more befitting a space vessel from the Jetsons) you’ll see that they really only post -truly helpful- articles. There’s no fluff here, each post has a unique insight that we’d personally never thought of before. Come to Agora Pulse if you’re looking for fresh strategies with your social accounts.

6. Joel Comm

Joel does a great job finding interesting social stories you’d otherwise never heard of. Examples include his recent post on a Snappchatter getting paid big bucks to advertise NASDAQ (of all things) and another about how the future of Congo could influence our smartphones. These are the types of posts you’d want to talk about at a dinner party to seem like you don’t actually spend most of your free time browsing Facebook and playing PokemonGo.

7. Socially Sorted

Socially sorted is no stranger to accolades. Having already won multiple awards in their home country of Australia we’d be lucky if they even noticed this one! Regardless, they’re a great all-around blog for staying up to date on new social strategies. They’re quite creative and are sure to have a few ideas you’ve never heard of before.

8. Katie Lance

Katie is on point with understanding how to work what you’ve already got. She really shines when she writes about improving your channels and content from the ground up. Give Katie’s blog a look for in-depth growth hacks and overall improvements to your efforts!

9. Sprout Social

Sprout is a massive voice in the industry and it’s really no mystery why. Each post they publish goes one step further than the rest, digging deep and providing valuable takeaways. This is the site to go to if you’re starting out in social media and want to grow a strong foundation for yourself as a professional. We particularly liked their posts involving tactics as they tended to provide the most value overall.

10. Mike Gingerich

Mike’s a unique voice in the industry & you can tell he has a true passion for what he’s doing. He posts almost every other day and each post is clearly well thought out. We love his occasional video interviews and believe he’ll be a voice to watch in this coming year.

That’s all for this year folks, congratulations to the winners! Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite social media blog we may have missed.

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