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The Kat’s Out of The Bag
The Kat’s Out of The Bag

I’m happy to let everyone know that today Social Media Explorer welcomes back Kat French. For those of you who are long-time readers of SME, you’ll remember Kat was my first hire at Doe-Anderson and served that agency well as social media manager for several years. She’s most recently been at Louisville digital marketing agency Makespace, which I hear isn’t all that upset with me for convincing her to come back. (Thanks/Sorry guys!)

Kat brings a great deal of not just experience as a digital strategist and practitioner, but an uncanny ability to get stuff done. As you can imagine, her primary role will be to help my juggling-too-many-balls routine become more organized and efficient. She’ll be SME’s operations manager until we can come up with a more clever title.

And yes, for those of you who remember Kat’s insightful and helpful posts of the past, she will again be a regular contributor to the blog. More importantly, she will now be primary in charge of managing the community at Exploring Social Media to ensure our Q&A and learning subscribers are more optimally served. So if you haven’t considered joining yet, perhaps now is a good time!

Kat will also be heavily involved in Explore events and will be in Minneapolis, Aug. 16-17. If you’re coming, you’ll meet her. If you’re not yet registered, jump over and do that!

Welcome back, Kat!

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  • Woohoo! Kat rocks!

    • Thanks! I’m still trying to figure out why Jason has no coffee maker in the office… 

  • It’s awesome to see Kat’s back in the house!

    • Glad to be back. Still haven’t rigged up the device that plays the opening bars of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” whenever I come into the office, but there’ll be time for that. Eventually. Maybe. Probably.


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