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The Lie of Content Marketing
The Lie of Content Marketing

At the heart of content marketing—at least most of it—is an insidious lie, and one most of us aren’t even aware of. Why? Because we’re lying to ourselves. We give lip service to abandoning the “old ways” of firing messages at customers. We cloak ourselves in metaphors of gentle fishermen patiently waiting for customers to bite, or of farmers gently planting seeds. But guess what? We still think we—brands—are in control.

But we’re not. And we never have been.

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Tamsen Webster
Tamsen Webster specializes in figuring out how to tell the right story to the right people at the right time. As the VP, Strategy at SME Digital, the agency behind Social Media Explorer, she draws from a wide variety of tools and experiences in change management, communications, and marketing to help brands drive business results. Tamsen began her career as a change management consultant, and spent 15 years managing marcomm efforts for nonprofit and higher educational institutions before becoming a brand strategist in agencies. She's also the mother of two boys who regularly challenge what she thinks she knows about communication, a retired Weight Watchers leader, and a midlife marathoner.
  • i am agree with you and thanks for sharing

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  • Totally agree, we are not in control of our customers. it is the other way round!

  • Muhammad Usman

    Love it. So true. The good thing is that we all knew it and the worst thing is that we are not accepting it.

  • Marisa Cuellar

    I completely agree that we need to make the customer the better person and we need to help them grow. Many times I believe that company’s try to sell themselves to much, and in the process forget about the customer, which is why that company is there in the first place. We need to make social media marketing about the customer and helping them grow which will in turn help the company grow larger.

  • Whitney Woo

    Honestly, I’m just surprised at how fast I went through 80 clicks.


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