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The Most Important Rule of Branding
The Most Important Rule of Branding

What can zombies teach us about defending our brand? A lot, actually.

Maybe you think a having a strong understanding of your brand is enough – but it’s not. There’s a huge difference between what you want your brand to be and what it actually is. And you don’t get to decide that – your customers do.

But even understanding that difference isn’t enough. No, you have to figure out what your brand, and only your brand, delivers to the marketplace. Because without that secure base? Your brand is… the walking dead.

Read on to see what you need to create a secure base:


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Tamsen Webster
Tamsen Webster specializes in figuring out how to tell the right story to the right people at the right time. As the VP, Strategy at SME Digital, the agency behind Social Media Explorer, she draws from a wide variety of tools and experiences in change management, communications, and marketing to help brands drive business results. Tamsen began her career as a change management consultant, and spent 15 years managing marcomm efforts for nonprofit and higher educational institutions before becoming a brand strategist in agencies. She's also the mother of two boys who regularly challenge what she thinks she knows about communication, a retired Weight Watchers leader, and a midlife marathoner.
  • And, like zombies, your customers will relentlessly devour all the content you can give them – as long
    as it’s got some brains to it. Nice slideshow, Tamsen.

  • Marisa Cuellar

    I like to read blogs but it’s refreshing to see another take on communicating a message to an audience. You read the slideshow fast but somehow the information sticks with you. Thanks for posting!


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