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The Social Media Research Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse
The Social Media Research Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse

You know by now that I’m partnering with Edison Research and its Vice-President for Strategy Tom Webster, along with fellow social media marketing practitioners Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer on Edison’s The Social Habit. The first quarterly edition of this truly scientific look into consumer usage behavior and attitudes toward social media is actually in the field with questions being asked now. We’re interviewing 3,000 Americans, 12-years-old and over, about lots of different subjects related to social media.

This research will begin to shape how brands use and deploy social media and social media marketing strategies. In this first (of many to come) quarterly report, we’re asking and will answer questions like:

  • How Facebook, Twitter and other social networks impact buying decisions
  • Customer Service expectations and preferred channels in social media
  • How social media affects other media consumption
  • What people pin on Pinterest–and why
  • What kinds of content people expect from brands and companies
  • Social media behaviors and expectations associated with food brands, restaurants, financial services companies and more
Pretty cool info, huh?
Not only can you get hold of that research, but you can pick from a number of variations of the product to help your company or brand. I’m kinda obligated to tell you that a copy of the report and access to an exclusive customer webinar with me, Tom, Jay and Mark only costs $297 until Friday. Then the price jumps up $50. So go buy the report now.


But there’s another price point and product we have to offer with The Social Habit I think is far too good to pass up. You should not refuse this:

You can get the report (over 100 pages of proprietary information about consumer’s use of social media, plus 50+ charts and graphs you can use in your own decision making and internal arguments for budget, etc.); access to the exclusive customer webinar (which will be more than just an hour overview) featuring Tom, Jay, Mark and me; copies of the raw data tables for your own custom cross-tabs and queries; AND a one-hour consulting call with any of the four of us OR a custom, one-hour webinar for your company or brand that summarizes the data and significant conclusions for you. All this is just $897.

Certainly, I understand small businesses may not be able to afford this. But many of you will find tremendous value in all those items for that low of a price. So jump over to The Social Habit purchase page and buy Option 3 – The Social Habit Premium Consulting Edition.

We want to help you. This is a damn valuable way for that to happen.

And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to The Social Habit blog posts or email updates. We’re redefining what people think of when they think of social media research. It’s trustworthy, reliable, accurate and scientific … and those aren’t just talking points written to market the product. They’re descriptions based on what others have verified about Edison’s approach and reputation. I, for one, am proud to be a part of it. I hope you will be, too.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for sharing the plugin. Will be sure to read and review some other peer
    to peer recommendations as this is a payed plugin. Does sound like something worth the $ value…  

  • Interesting, You will surely going to enjoy this research. Any chances of producing results on any blogpost ? I am waiting for results.

    • Thanks for asking Kaushal. We will certainly be blogging some portions, but the research is a for sale product, so we wouldn’t be wise to unveil it all. Certainly, there will be some top-level information we share for free either here or at Thanks!

      • Thanks Jason, I have just subscribed to for update.


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