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The Social Media Trifecta
The Social Media Trifecta
David Finch
David Finch

Tomorrow all eyes will be focused on the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby: The fastest two minutes in sports. Here in Louisville, this event is not just a horse race, but a two-week celebration that ends with a spectacular event. This event is an opportunity for guests who visit the river city to experience southern hospitality, see the most creative array of hats and consume everyone’s favorite, the mint julep.

However, at the crux of all of this is the challenge to pick the winner. If you’re feeling really lucky then you’ll try to pick the top two horses, known as the exacta bet. If you think your handicapping skills can see beyond the top two finishers, then you bet on the top three horses, known as the trifecta. The trifecta is a fun bet and if you win it usually has a nice payoff.

A Day at the Social Media Track

As social media becomes more accepted by the masses, there are a lot of different approaches on what it means, how it looks and how to measure its success. If you don’t believe me monitor how the last 100 of your Twitter followers are using it.
Here’s my social media trifecta and how I’m engaging the communities I’m a part of.

Finish of the 11th Race - Day 216
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My first pick is the art of listening. I was taught at a very young age that I could learn a lot more by listening. This has carried over to how I approach both my online and offline world. I’m always more interested in what you are doing and thinking.

Whether you’re monitoring your personal brand or a major corporate brand you can learn more about your community and your consumers if you’re willing to listen and learn. I’ve discovered that the more I’m willing to listen, the easier it is for people to trust and connect. For me personally, this is #1 for me.


For whatever reason sharing is not something that comes easy for many. Personally, the number one sign for me when I watch others embrace social media is their willingness to share something that hasn’t been created by them. One way to gauge someone’s “share-o-meter” is by watching his or her Twitter stream. If it’s all about their company, their blog post, their latest book etc. etc. then you know that they haven’t bought into to the sharing aspect of social media. They see the value of promoting themselves, but limit themselves by not promoting the creativity of others.

Social media and social networking has to ability to put you in front of individuals that you would never have the opportunity to meet no matter how many networking events you can attend. With this exposure can come recognition, if you’re willing to except the fundamentals of listening, sharing or adding value to the community.

With this exposure must come respect for those that have been willing to become a part of your community. For me, it’s a must that I respect their opinion, their time, and their differences and hopefully it provides an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting.

These are my social media trifecta picks. What are yours and how are you using them to build relationships and trust?

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