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The Top 10 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working
The Top 10 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Facebook is not only a great social media platform if you want to keep up with everything from your friends to the news, but it’s a great business tool that can be used to increase conversions, build a community, strengthen a brand, and more. With 1.47 billion daily active users, businesses can’t afford not to be using Facebook as part of their business and marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to utilize Facebook as a business tool is through Facebook ads; however, if they’re not optimized and working properly, then they can seem like more of a waste of time and money than a useful way to build your business and get conversions. Several things could cause your Facebook ads to fail, and if yours aren’t working how you want, then here are ten possible reasons why:


1.  You Aren’t Keeping Up with Facebook Ad Changes


Technology is always changing, and so are the policies, practices, and algorithms. As Facebook makes changes to everything from their algorithms to their core mission, Facebook ads, the way they work, and the practices to optimize them change too. If you’re not keeping up with those changes and adjusting your practices and campaigns as necessary, your campaigns are likely significantly less effective than before.


2.  You Aren’t Running Tests


Although there are guidelines and best practices to follow, each business is unique and so is each customer base, so there’s no way to know for sure that an ad will perform well until you test and prove it. If you’re coming up with ads, publishing them, and letting them run their course without looking at the analytics and seeing how they performed, then your Facebook ads will not work as well as they could.


3.  You Aren’t Making Adjustments as You Go


Not only is it important to test different ads and to analyze the results of each test, but it’s important to make adjustments accordingly. Even if you are looking at how certain ads performed, if you’re not adjusting your other ads to meet the standards that your ads that are performing well set, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and not taking full advantage of the benefits that Facebook ads offer.


4.  You Don’t Know Your Customers Well Enough


83 percent of Facebook users are women and 75 percent are men, but those aren’t the only things you need to know when you start running Facebook ad campaigns. Age range, location, and other demographics factor in as well. But you need to take it even further and get to know your customers and ideal customers on a personal level—not just where they live and how old they are, but what their favorite brands are, whether or not they like dogs, where they vacation every year, and any other information applicable to your company and product. If you don’t know your customers well, you can’t target your Facebook ads well, making them much less effective than they could be.


5.  Your Copy is Uninteresting


What you write in your ad is extremely important, and if your copy is uninteresting and doesn’t grab the attention of your audience, then your ads aren’t going to be very effective. Your headline needs to grab attention, and the body copy should say what it is you’re selling and why your customer needs it, all in a few words.


6.  Your Copy Looks Spammy


Not only should your copy be interesting, but it should be clear and concise. If you’re throwing in too many fluff words or too much jargon, are using images that have too many words on them, or are using headlines that sound like clickbait, you’re probably turning your potential customers off and rendering your Facebook ads ineffective.


7.  Your Site is Unprofessional and Therefore Untrustworthy


What does your website or landing page that customers are taken to after clicking your ad look like? If it has a lot of text, flashing banners, pop-ups, unprofessional logos, and other inconsistencies, then it’s likely scaring off potential customers. Unprofessional translates to untrustworthy in the mind of many consumers and so your website could be counteracting all of the work your Facebook ads have done.


8.  Your Facebook Page Isn’t Current


Not only is it important to have a current, functional, professional website for potential customers to land on, but it’s also important to keep your Facebook page current and professional as well. If you’re not posting regularly, replying to comments and questions, and otherwise keeping your Facebook page up-to-date, it can be a point of concern for potential customers since they’ll wonder if you’re still in business, if you’re legitimate, and if they will even get an order that they place with you. Many customers will look into a company on Facebook, and if your page isn’t current, it could cost you that business and the price of the click on the ad.


9.  Your Budget is Too Low


You shouldn’t be pouring all of your money into just one marketing channel or another, but it’s important that you have an appropriate budget for each. If your budget for Facebook ads is too low, then your ads won’t get the running time or exposure that they may need to get the ROI you should be getting. You don’t need to overspend but having too low a budget could be causing your Facebook ads to fail.


10.  You Don’t Include Strong Calls to Action


Calls to action are an important part of any marketing. If you don’t include a strong call to action, people may not be inclined to click what they need to and make a conversion. If you’re using weak or generic calls to action on your Facebook ads, they may not be working as effectively as they could be. Using strong, enticing calls to action that evoke a sense of urgency or excitement is something you need to do if you want your Facebook ads to perform better.


An Effective Solution


A lot of things could be causing your Facebook ads not to work as effectively as they should be. You may not have the time or know-how to fix all of them and get things running like they need to be, though. For example, if you don’t have the time to keep up with changes to Facebook’s algorithms and policies, if you don’t know how to set the optimal budget, or if you don’t even have time to keep your Facebook page active and current, then working on making your Facebook ads more effective can be hard.


Instead of trying to take it all on yourself, hiring a trusted firm such as 180fusion may be the perfect solution to give you the results you need without having to hire extra employees or take too much time out of your schedule to figure things out on your own. Many times you can receive a free analysis, making it worth a shot if you want to start making the most of the Facebook ads that you have.


What do you think is causing your Facebook ads to fail?

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