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The Undeniable Power of Social Media
The Undeniable Power of Social Media

What began as a small online platform for a bunch or university students to keep in touch, soon morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry that pretty much rules the World Wide Web, in terms of user numbers. Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are at the top of the list, yet there are other platforms closing in; TikTok is extremely popular among young people, which has the 4th largest audience, behind the 3 big leaders, and also Vero, an Instagram style platform with no ads.

Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Ask any SEO company and they will confirm that social media platforms perform very well, especially when you have an expert handling the accounts. Millions of users are looking for products and services online, and with social media pages, they can find anything from chartering a catamaran in Phuket to sourcing a roofing contractor in Perth. If your business is not making good use of social media, this is something you need to remedy, as you can reach millions of consumers this way.

Payment Gateways

Thanks to software development, customers can now pay via social media pages, making this a very convenient way for users to order goods and services, and once digital currencies like Bitcoin catch on, more people will buy online, due to the high level of convenience. It would be difficult to find a company that does not have social media accounts, such is the popularity, and if your business is not focusing on this, you are missing out on a powerful platform.


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Twitter and Instagram offer you the chance to gain an insight into your crush’s lifestyle, and millions of followers send their idols messages using these platforms, and this is the first time a fan can actually communicate with their favourite star. The very famous have to be careful what the tweet or post and sometimes an online disagreement turns into a social media war, with millions of spectators.

Creating a Following

Any person can create a social media following, indeed, there are already celebrities that emerged from obscurity thanks to their Twitter or Facebook account. If you have an unusual lifestyle and are good in front of the camera, you can project your image to millions of users, and the more likes and follows, the bigger your following.

Connecting with Friends

It is amazing when you think about it, social media allows you keep track of your friends all over the world, and when they post pix of their recent holiday, you will know about it and can even communicate while they are there. You get instant birthday reminders, which is great for those who forget special days and wherever your family and friends happen to be, you have a glimpse into their lives.

Social media, like any other online platform, is developing at such a rapid rate, and with the emergence of 5G, you can enjoy very fast data transfers, reaching people all over the world.

Where will social media take us?

This is a difficult question to answer, yet in a few years, we will all know, as this unique platform continues to evolve.

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