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There Is A Right Way To Do Content Marketing
There Is A Right Way To Do Content Marketing

Jeni has had Betsy, her faithful car, for over 10 years. Although Betsy is in decent shape, Jeni finds herself daydreaming about a new car. Her co-worker, Jeff, just got his car back from the shop. This is the third time this month his car has broken down. Here is their exchange in the break room:

Jeni: “I’m thinking about buying a new car, but I don’t know if the timing is right.”

Jeff: “This was the final straw for me. I have no choice. I will be purchasing a new car this month.”

Jeni: “I’m going to do some research to see what’s out there.”

Jeff: “I’m a step ahead of you. I have researched best models for my needs and budget and will be spending my evening searching for tips and tricks for financing. I don’t know what my options are and do not want to make a decision blindly.”

It’s clear that Jeni and Jeff are at two different stages on the path to purchase.

High FiveHow can a car dealership market to both Jeni and Jeff effectively? The answer is by having readily available content that is tailored to every stage of the buyer’s journey! This can be achieved by providing a mix of Informational and Decision-Making content, no matter which distribution platform (Videos, Webinars, Ebooks, Blogs, Case Studies, etc.) you deem most appropriate for your messaging.

Providing a mix of Informational and Decision-Making content helps you:

  • Reach buyers at all stages of the buying journey
  • Increase brand awareness, credibility and trust
  • Generate leads
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader

So what is the difference between Informational and Decision-Making Content?

Informational Content

This content offers a general overview or introduction to a topic, product or brand. This information will help educate people in the early stages of the sales process, sometimes referred to as the top of the “sales funnel”. The goal of this information to educate and entice people to want to know more.

If you are, a blog posts titled “Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Car” and “5 Things You Need to Know When Looking for a New Car”, would be valuable pieces of Informational content to publish.

Identifying what Informational Content is most valuable

Having valuable Informational content ready for buyers at the beginning of their path to purchase is key. Think of the topics that would benefit the buyer by putting yourself in their shoes. Here are some questions, tailored for, to help spark ideas:

  • What are the initial questions people ask when they begin the search for a new car?
  • What information do buyers need first to get on the path to purchase?
  • What misconceptions are out there about the car industry?

While Informational Content sets the stage, helping consumers gain initial insight, Decision-Making Content is what helps make a sale.

Decision-Making Content

This type of content provides detailed information that helps people make a purchasing decision. This information is created to benefit people farther down the “sales funnel” who are ready to make a decision, but need more information. The goal of this information is to provide answers to the final questions one might have before making a purchase from you.

The “Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Ford” and “How to Get the Most for Your Money When Buying a Car” are both valuable pieces of Decision-Making content for to publish.

Identifying what Decision-Making content will be most valuable  

Providing the right Decision-Making content is very important. To think of valuable information you can address, get in the buyer’s mindset at the later stage of the purchasing process. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What does a potential buyer take into consideration when choosing between my brand and my competitor’s brand?
  • What unique features do I offer?
  • What information does a buyer need to make the ultimate decision to buy what I have?

The secret to reaching customers is to make yourself valuable to them at all stages of the path to purchase. Providing both Informational and Decision-Making content is going to help you get there.

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