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Time To Think About The New Trends To Make A Career In Web Design
Time To Think About The New Trends To Make A Career In Web Design

In 2019, though it is almost in its fag end, web designers have to follow an entirely new approach to create pages that are responsive and most effective. This will help them to make a great career in this promising field.  In order to do so they will need to know about the latest trends followed by web designers all over the world now as well as the years to come for sure.

There are several different elements that goes into designing a website. The trends and techniques followed now makes it easier for the web design company New York and all over the world to incorporate these into their designing process to taste guaranteed success. The different elements that gained popularity include:

  • Color choices and application
  • Typography 
  • Use of text
  • Imagery
  • Voice search
  • VR interfaces and 
  • User experience.

With all these factors and elements to consider, there is a significant change in the UI trends in 2019 that will stay in 2020 and beyond.

If you want to excel in web design you will therefore need to focus on areas such as:

  • Use of bright color
  • Gradient backgrounds
  • Better image overlays and
  • Use of relevant animations.

As for the designing aspects in its basics, the flat design concept of the yesteryears has now morphed into material web design with the use of more vibrant colors along with a touch of neon in them.

The most important thing is to focus on emotional design because nowadays, it is extremely necessary to create a connection with the users. According to the experts, emotional connections typically has four basic categories:

  • Sadness and joy
  • Trust and repugnance
  • Anger and fear and 
  • Anticipation and surprise.

You will need to consider your content and align it with any one of these categories to use the best color, imagery and user interface. This will create a better emotional connect.

Grid and layouts

One of the most exciting web design trends that you cannot ignore or overlook is the use of asymmetrical layouts and broken grid.

When it comes to grid design, the concept here is to create an imaginary plane using several horizontal and vertical lines. This will help in placing the layout elements of the web page depending on the screen. In most cases you can point out the grid easily. Just take a look at the bottom left side of a website where you will see different elements such as:

  • The logo
  • The title as well as 
  • The content.

All these should be lined up together so that when these elements are pushed on the plane, it looks less rigid or broken.

When you follow this type of approach, you will be able to meet the unexpected more confidently as well as push your boundaries to experiment more with asymmetry. This technique will help you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Draw more attention of the users 
  • Make a bold statement and better online presence as well as 
  • Experiment otherwise with modern web design. 

This trend will be more prevalent in the coming years which will ensure a more fluid and organic web design with the use of better elements.

Making a significant impact with digital illustrations

People love visual contents and that is what you should remember and focus on while you design. This will make your site create a better and more significant impact on the minds of the users thereby enabling them to understand the products well.

Designing a website based on a specific theme will make it responsive, effective and multipurpose. You can focus on the WordPress theme which will help you a great deal in incorporating the best elements in your design.

You can use digital illustrations which is one of the most significant and effective trends in modern visual design. It is only when you use relevant illustrations in your design you will be able to build a truly emotional connection with your visitors. These illustrations are very versatile and useful tool that helps all product designers in different ways such as:

  • In the hero sections
  • Feature descriptions or 
  • Use it as a refined icon in the navigation bar.

There are ideally two types of illustrations that are most popular among and extensively used by the digital designers. These are: 

  • Hand-drawn flat illustrations and 
  • Three-dimensional illustrations.

The flat hand-drawn illustrations produce an impression in the minds of the viewers of fine craftsmanship and a personal style.

On the other hand, the 3D illustrations are the new trend followed by the designers today as this helps them to add more reality in the design by hiding the boundary between the physical and digital worlds.

Artificial Intelligence and new age chatbots

Two of the most significant emerging trends in web design are chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in particular has actually become the conversational interface and assistants for voice search. Two examples of this are:

  • Google Home and 
  • Apple Siri.

With the use of these latest technologies, incorporating smart elements in web design has become easier which provides the users with a unified and a better digital journey.

  • It is the advancement of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots that have now become more intelligent, efficient and smart. With the bot building technology in in use now, it is even easier for websites to secure a top place in search engine result pages. 
  • Apart from that, web designers now have to focus more on using bold color schemes even more than before. You will see across all digital platforms that the designers are now using more vibrant, bold and flashy colors that helps them to create a more striking combinations and stunning effects.

These bold colors used in web design ensures that the site or the specific page of the site easily interacts with everyone in the audience even those with disabilities.

To sum up, illustrations, use of bold colors and technology are making the mainstream and more prominence in the web design as well as in the marketing fields. All these acts as powerful tools that help the web designers to portray abstract concepts of web design as well as your career.

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