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Toll-free phone number- The best way to sky-rocket your business success
Toll-free phone number- The best way to sky-rocket your business success
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When we think of factors that contribute to business success, a lot of things come in our mind. Strategic marketing, elite customer support, and impeccable product qualities are the factors that top the chart. However, the least we know that all these things are interrelated and can be managed with a single tool, which is a toll-free phone number.

Toll-free phone number, though seems a mere telephony system, has all the powers to leverage your business at every level. However, not many people are aware of its true potential and consider it an easy way to offer a free calling facility to the customers. 

But it does a lot more than this.

You have to find out all of this and start deploying this internet business phone system today to speed-up business growth. 

Toll-free number – Changing the way businesses use to communicate

A toll-free number is different from any usual telephone number in every sense. Unlike common phone numbers, it has a specific three-digit code attached as a prefix. In the usual type of telephony, the caller has to bear the call incurring charges. This may stop some of the customers to reach out to the businesses, especially where calling cost is high.

This limits communication and reaching out. If left unnoticed, this restricted customer-business collaboration can lead to your failure. By using a toll-free number, you can break this barrier as the callers are free from the call incurring burden.

Here, it’s the business that pays for the calls made by the callers. So, more and more customers will reach out to you, more and more customers will place an inquiry, and more and more customers will collaborate with the business.

This increased collaboration increases your market presence, your customer database, and your lead database. You have more customers to pitch, which means you have more sales opportunities.

Better assessment of everything

The very first thing that you should ensure to get the right ROI is doing a right assessment of efforts made. For example, if you have launched a TV commercial or billboard marketing campaign for your business, you must find out its viability in real-time.

Both of these marketing strategies demand high-end costing. So, you just can’t launch them and leave them. You have to find out how they are contributing to your success. 

Well, the toll-free number can be of real help here.

You can create different extensions for different marketing campaigns on the same phone number and monitor their viability. Let’s take 833-toll-free as an example to understand it. You have an 833 code toll-free number that you can attach with your TV commercials and billboard advertisement.

Though the customer will see the same phone number in both the advertisements but, each will have a different extension. So, you can find out which advertisement is fetching how much customer attention. Based on this data, you can easily assess the utility of your marketing campaigns. 

Other than the marketing campaign, it can also help you assess the customers’ feedback and views over your services. When calls are free, customers won’t mind making long duration calls. If they have any issue regarding your service quality, they will explain it in detail.

 They will put forward their grievances in the best possible and comprehensive manner. This way, you can understand what your customers think about your service, what’s their suggestions to you, and what exactly they want from you.

All these insights will help you improve your offerings and cement your feet firmly.

Choosing the right type

There is no second opinion that a toll-free phone number is a growth-driven resource that every business should pick without having a second thought. However, all of this is going to happen only if you have made the right choice.

Many factors decide whether you have made the right choice or not. Buying it from the right service provider, costs that you can afford, and features that support are some of them.

You should make sure that the code you are choosing is the right kind of area code. Take 833 toll-free as an example. This is the latest code that we have these days. So, most of the numbers available with this code must be a new one and have never been used before. 800 is the oldest code type, and most of its combinations are already sold out. So, it’s not an excellent choice to make.

All these factors should be taken into consideration without fail when you decide to buy this revolutionary type of internet business phone system.  

Get in touch with more and more customers

Toll-free numbers are the best resource that you should get to empower your marketing strategy, improve your ROI, have a hold over massive satisfied customer data, and many other business-related things. If you succeed in this, then no one can ever stop you. Success is on your way by all means.


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