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Top 3 Must-Know Social Media Marketing Tips
Top 3 Must-Know Social Media Marketing Tips

According to Pew Research Center, 7 out of 10 people in the United States use social media to connect with friends, stay on top of the latest news, and decide where to shop. This is a huge increase since 2005, when only 5% of people used it, and it should become even more popular. You can use social media to promote your company’s brand and attract customers. Here are some social media marketing tips that all businesses should know.

1. Use Platforms Popular With Your Audience

There are several social media platforms and people with different interests don’t choose the same ones. You should make sure that the platform you’re using is popular with your potential customers. LinkedIn has lots of professionals, so it’s ideal for reaching business owners. It also includes LinkedIn Pulse, a content publishing platform for entrepreneurs. Instagram users are often interested in fashion, travel, and entertainment. The platform is mostly visual, and it’s a great place to share striking images or behind-the-scenes looks at your company.

Most people have a Facebook account, so it’s great for reaching a wide audience. However, many others are posting content here as well. You’ll need to post often to avoid getting lost in a long news feed. Facebook Groups can also help you connect with individuals. Like Facebook, most people watch YouTube and creating a few short videos is easy. You can introduce your staff, tell people about your business’s products or services, or post testimonials from satisfied customers. For higher conversions and sales, ask people to view your website or visit your company in person.

2. Create Valuable Content

Without content that interests them, your audience will stop paying attention. Your organization may have started posting on social media to get customers, but most of your posts should give viewers useful information instead of just promoting your business. For example, a cookware company could create a series of videos teaching people how to make popular dishes and showcasing their products. Useful, entertaining content attracts more subscribers and encourages people to share posts with their friends.

3. Interact With Your Audience

Encourage your audience to interact by asking questions, being part of discussions, and responding to comments. Do your best to answer people as quickly as possible and be transparent about the way your company works. If someone makes a negative comment, try to solve their problem. For example, a restaurant could offer a free meal to someone complaining about slow service or a rude staff member. Some sites let you use chatbots to provide answers to common questions, but a person should deal with more complex issues.

You can improve your social media marketing by making your content fun and using influencers. These people promote brands to their loyal followers and they can introduce your business to thousands of potential customers. Social media lets you reach new people by having conversations and giving them useful information. It’s more effective and less expensive than using traditional ads like billboards or commercials.

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