Twitter Strategy And Foursquare Mayor T-Shirts Now Available
Twitter Strategy, Foursquare T-Shirts Now Available!
Twitter Strategy, Foursquare T-Shirts Now Available!

Many of you fine folks were fired up about my recent post in which I shared my Twitter strategy. My friend (and client) Chris Long even went so far as to ask when I’d be selling T-shirts with the pithy tome on it.


Thanks to some fast work by your lovely SME assistant Jess Ostroff, you can now don the official Social Media Explorer Twitter Strategy T-Shirt. It’s available on Zazzle, which means if you order one at a time, they can be a tad pricey. If I thought I could sell a couple hundred, the price would come down, but since it’s mostly a joke/lark/whatever, I figure if you really want one, you can have at it.

[zazzle cols=”2″ rows=”1″]

You can also get the now infamous Foursquare: I am mayor of my pants T-shirt as well. As the ideas come, I’ll add more to the store. In the meantime, enjoy.

Disclosure: If you buy a shirt, I get about a cheeseburger. The rest goes to Zazzle for the materials, shipping, etc. I like cheeseburgers. Thank you.

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  • I wonder if you have some kind of spoof or parody design for the two – something funny. Just a thought. But hey, that's awesome! You got a white shirt?

    • Click through. I think you can order whatever color you want. Thanks!

  • Love it! I thought I was cool because I ordered a super mayor shirt from Foursquare. Once again, you prove to be way cooler. I too enjoy cheeseburgers. Cheers!

  • Awesome…pure genius. Hadn't actually heard of this site…but thanks to the Foursquare Shirt….I'm f*ckin' in!


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