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Using Proxies for Managing Instagram Accounts, Is It Safe?
Using Proxies for Managing Instagram Accounts, Is It Safe?

Using Instagram proxies can be both safe and dangerous. It comes down to which proxy you use and how you use it. If you are using a free proxy, it might be risky as most of them don’t implement high-end security technologies, making it vulnerable to hacking. 

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to have more than five accounts, you can’t avoid proxies altogether. Proxies allow you to manage multiple accounts while keeping you cyber-safe on social media

Besides, without Instagram proxies, you risk getting all your client’s social handle blocked because it is against Instagram’s policies. 

What Are Instagram Proxies?

Instagram proxies are like regular proxies that provide your accounts a dedicated IP address. This makes Instagram consider that these social handles are used by different persons, thereby mitigating the risk of getting blocked. 

Also, if you have employees managing your Instagram handle remotely from different countries, getting it blocked is high. It is because security checks will consider the connection as suspicious and unsecured. Instagram proxies solve this problem by providing you a dedicated IP address, which can be used by anyone you give access to. 

Instagram Automation Tools Require a Proxy. Why?

Most marketers use Instagram automation tools to increase engagement. However, if you use automation to look like a bot, Instagram is likely to ban your IP (and your account). With a proxy server, you won’t have to worry about the Instagram IP ban. 

Here are two more reasons for using a proxy for Instagram automation:

  • Localization: Social media marketers know the importance of using geolocation tags to get more exposure and engagement. If you target Instagram accounts in other countries, you need a proxy (located in that location) to display localized posts. 
  • Multiple account management: Instagram hates bots and automation tools because they replicate humans’ social behavior. It means if Instagram identifies you are using automation tools, your accounts are highly likely to be banned. With proxies, marketers can manage several Instagram accounts without raising suspicion. 

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are residential IP addresses of real devices provided by an internet service provider and not a data center. All the residential proxies point to a physical location, making it look legitimate. 

There are three primary types of residential proxies:

  • Backconnect proxies: It allows you to use Instagram under someone else’s residential IP address. 
  • Rotating residential proxies: In this, your IP address will change every five to ten minutes, thereby strengthening your security. 
  • Dedicated residential proxies: It gives you access to several high-speed residential IP addresses. 

Irrespective of which Instagram proxy server you choose, you can switch to a new IP address if your current one gets blocked. 

Why Should You Use Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies give you a real identity online while hiding your original IP address. It also makes it easier for you to scale your Instagram marketing by enabling you to manage several accounts. 

Here are some reasons to use residential proxies:

  • When scraping your competitors’ Instagram handles to determine what resonates the best with your target audience, there is a high risk of getting identified and blocked by the company. Residential IPs eliminate this problem and increase the effectiveness of your social listening.
  • It improves your privacy, security, and safety by not exposing your real IP address.   
  • When you use a residential Instagram proxy server, the company considers you a real person, thereby reducing the chances of getting blocked. 
  • It allows you to leverage automation tools without the risk of getting detected by Instagram. 

Why Instagram Blocks Users With Datacenter Proxies?

Unlike residential proxies, datacenter proxies come from a secondary corporation and are not associated with any internet service provider. 

The primary reason why Instagram blocks users with datacenter proxies is that they are not associated with any ISP as regular users. This makes Instagram more susceptible to a real person’s existence behind the account, resulting in a ban. 

Besides, datacenter proxies are mostly used by hackers. Therefore, website security systems block datacenter proxies as soon as they detect them.  

Final Thoughts: Are Instagram Proxies Safe?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because it allows you to hide your original IP address and manage multiple accounts. No, when you completely automate your marketing and use it to spam real Instagram users.

In a nutshell, if you make the right use of proxies, you can manage several Instagram accounts without any issues. Happy Instagram Marketing!

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