Book Review: The Thank You Economy
Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy Hits Stores This Week
Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy Hits Stores This Week

When Gary Vaynerchuk asked if I would review his new book, The Thank You Economy, last week, I was cautiously optimistic I could even finish it in time to review before it hits shelves this Wednesday. I was also cautiously optimistic I’d like it. Not only did I finish it, but I loved it. And recommend you read it, too. Here’s my review:

Thank you, Gary, for writing this book and for firing us all up again. And thanks for bringing some more depth to the table with this effort. I was pleasantly surprised at the research and case studies presented and think the business audience is going to get a lot out of this. I’m glad I got to read it. Thank you!

For the rest of you, The Thank You Economy is available via preorder (then for order after Wednesday) on If you’d like to order without me earning a cheeseburger or so for the effort, you can visit the book’s website where you can download a free chapter, see the tour dates to meet Gary and the like.

Go buy this book. It’s worth it.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Interesting review. This book was supposed to be more substantic as compared to Crush It which was all about passion and working until your eyes bleed on something you love. With that said, you can do a lot more with passion than technical, because Gary’s story is about getting enormous return on being “inefficient” with your tactics. The human value of activity is more important than the activity itself. Thanks for taking the time to review!

  • I read “The Thank You Economy” on my Kindle this week. It really inspired me to reach out to others and build relationships with everything I've got. I am one of those crazy people who make handmade thank-you notes and send them to my associates. This book is awesome!

  • Great book, Gary! Thank you!

  • Paul

    Thanks for the review Jason, I finally got Gary's book “Crush It” I know I waited to long. I won't wait at all on this one, will buy it right away, I hope it comes in an audio form because I like to listen to his books while I am working, making notes, researching his tips and implementing same. Thanks again, appreciate it!

  • Jason, thanks for giving your honest review. I trust a review like this more than one that is 100% glowing. Sometimes we need the inspiration (I really enjoyed Crush It!) and sometimes we want the research and examples too. I appreciate your letting us know what to expect.

  • mickicommerce

    I, too, was able to get an early read of The Thank You Economy; and easily relate to your video review Jason. Its a winner and will travel well across individuals and especially small/medium and large public and private companies. It addresses many of the facts and myths around this topic, that is still in its early gestation period. And Gary presents his 'case', his POV and perspective from a left and right brain approach…there's enough data/facts and real-porld cases to satisfy most right brainer/more linear thinkers among us…and if doesn't lose his usual passion and transparency to satisfy the left brainer/creatives among us.

  • Jason, I'm so sorry I've deprived you of a cheeseburger, but Gary's book has been on my Kindle pre-order list for weeks, and I'm delighted to hear your endorsement. If I were Gary, I wouldn't be upset about your underestimation of this book at all. Your honesty in everything you put out means when you say it, it's worth listening to, and your endorsement will certainly buy him several cheeseburgers. Thanks, Jason.

    • I agree, I am far from upset, I am aware! I know this book takes what I do and think to a deeper place, a place I have used to actually build the businesses I run. :)

      • And kudos to you, Gary. You are modeling what you teach…embrace your passion and never stop growing and thinking and learning. Best wishes and appreciation for the spark you've given us all.

  • Dude chill out with the cheeserburger stuff. We get that you get a commission if we buy it through your link. It makes me trust your opinions less when you constantly talk about your benefit from this, even though your provide the alternative option.

    • You know that noise made when you stick out your tongue and blow? Yeah …

      makin' that now. Heh.

      Fair point. Just doing my FTC best, bro.

  • Thank you for sharing your review, Jason! I will be buying Gary's book ASAP because I shared the same opinions as you about his other book, Crush It. From what you said about Thank You, Economy, I know this is something I want to read and let my readers know about on Thanks again!

  • Jason

    I love coming over here when you do reviews of products/services/books as you are always going to give some really good insight. I have heard many share the sentiment you had about Crush It and appreciate the thoughts that many of us had oh gee here we go again another pump you up book that is falling short.

    Thanks for reading so fast and giving us a weekend book review treat.

    • Suz I hope not to disappoint you or the others you mention in your post. I am sorry

      • Hey Gary

        Well, if Jason was not disappointed then I would think that the rest of us, as his readers, will not be either. We trust him. Actually, I trust him so much I would even have him send me the book so I can read and review. Now that is a whole lotta trust.


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