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What Are The Best Link Building Strategies For Small Business?
What Are The Best Link Building Strategies For Small Business?

Link building is central to business success. Good links help your business show up higher in search rankings, allowing customers to find you, boost your business’s authority and public perception, and help establish your company’s expertise. And while SMBs may not be able to  compete with major corporations when it comes to marketing budgets, SEO is a level battleground. With the right basic link building strategies, even small companies have a chance at the top slot.

If you have the time and internal resources and team, the following tips will be helpful in building links, otherwise a professional link building services company is probably the best “outsourced” option.

Follow The Rules

For SMBs aiming to boost their SEO performance, the first step is to learn and follow the rules. While some parts of SEO are strategic, some are straight forward, technical tasks. For example, websites that don’t follow major security rules will be pushed down in the rankings. One easy way to make sure that your website performs as well as possible, then, is evaluating and reinforcing your website security. This has the added benefit of protecting your users and making your company more trustworthy.

Start With A Roundup

If your website is new to SEO, refining your strategy may be challenging. That’s why it’s important to recognize that no one backlink strategy is, in itself, effective. Also, SEO isn’t just one thing; it’s a combination of many different ways a website can market itself and connect with its audience. All that being the case, though, you still have to start somewhere – so why not start with a link roundup?

Link roundups are a popular way to boost SEO rankings and someone is almost always putting one together. Search online for link roundup opportunities and pitch the organizer. Most are excited to connect with new sites and joining a roundup is a great way to build a network that can lead to future collaborations.

Be A Guest Blogger

Once you’ve participated in a few link roundups, you’ll have also established a network of sites that are curating content, and like you, these sites likely don’t have the budget to build a big, in-house marketing team. That’s actually good news for your company. Help your peers build content while boosting your own backlink portfolio by guest blogging for other sites. As long as you’re partnered with other sites in your niche with a solid DA ranking, then your guest blog will go a long way.

Build Your Own Blog

Backlinks are critical to your SEO ranking, but they don’t function on their own. You can’t generate strong backlinks, and you definitely can’t generate organic backlinks if you don’t have great onsite content. Spend time creating high-value onsite content that other websites will be excited to link to; evergreen content is most important, but seasonal content attracts huge spikes because it’s timely. Once you’ve built up your own site’s content library, you can also market these links around to sites with broken or outdated links within your niche, offering a simple improvement that will boost both of your sites.

Syndicate And Affiliate

Recalling that no backlinking strategy alone is sufficient to put your site on the map, be sure that your SMB is open to diversification strategies. Many websites find that they benefit from syndicating content on important industry sites. Other companies run affiliate programs to disseminate their links. As long as your company emphasizes quality and authority at each step in the process, each individual link has the potential to yield major benefits.

However your website shapes its SEO strategy, it’s important to know that it will always be an ongoing process. SEO norms are constantly changing. Partnering with an SEO firm will help you keep up, but these core approaches will never go out of style.

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