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If you’ve been reading our newsletter or following me on Twitter for any length of time, you know that I pride myself on finding and sharing good content. In order to do this, I read (or at least skim) a lot of blogs. I do this through Google Reader, then I share content over time using Argyle Social and it’s new feature called The Hopper, which allows me to trickle content out throughout the day rather than shoot it all out at once. (So yes, I do automate shares. Let the purists be up in arms. It works and it doesn’t crowd your streams.)

About once every three or four months, I’ll flip over to the Trends area of Google Reader which shows me which feeds I’m accessing more often than others, which have gone silent, are popular with other Reader users and the like. The main chart that shows up when you first click there shows you what 10 feeds you’ve accessed most in the last 30 days. It’s a report of what you’ve been reading. So I took a snap shot. Here’s the feeds I accessed most in the last month. They are my blogs to read:

Mind you, the Google Alerts for my name is part vanity, part protecting my reputation. I recommend everyone have a Google Alert set for their name. Just keeps you in the loop when some wing nut wants to call you a moron. Might be for good reason, might not, but it’s good to know. (I get called names a lot. It’s fine. I deserve a few of them. Most of the feed here is good stuff, though. If it ever starts to be more bad than good, I’ll quit. I promise. Heh.)

So my top reads this month are Mark Schaefer’s {grow} community blog, Brains on Fire, my own (I have other writers and share their content as well as my own), and the blogs of Jay Baer, Valeria Maltoni, Bob Hoffman (The Ad Contrarian), Chris Penn, John Jantsch and Amber Naslund (Though that’s just the name of her feed … she changed the name of her blog to Brass Tack Thinking long ago.).  Pretty good foundational start on what to read, if you ask me. (Mine aside and for you to determine, of course.)

Just thought I’d share.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Collectual

    Love the Ad Contrarian’s blog and, of course, yours, as well! Thanks for tips. 

  • dwaynekilbourne

    Thanks for sharing… and some automation is good; I use Buffer and HootSuite to try not to crowd some of my content [sharing]!

  • Thanks pal. Right back atcha!

  • Great list Jason. I find tips like this immensely helpful so I really appreciate your openness and willingness to show us who you following, read and learn from. And I’m happy to know I have a lot of overlap with you (including following you ;-). Just curious, how often do you change the blogs you read/follow closely?

    • I dot really change them. Based on their content and efforts, which ebb and flow, a couple blogs fall off, appear on, or get shifted around. Keep in mind this is a measurement of what I do read, not my favorites or anything. This list is based on which feeds I actually open, click on, etc.

      • Good point. I’m always curious what leaders like you are actually reading. I know it’s a challenge to balance input and output for me. Do you dedicate a set amount of time to blog reading, similar to what you do with your twitter time?

        • Sure do. About 30-45 minutes each weekday morning. It’s part of my sharing content routine.

          • Fantastic. Thanks for the tips Jason! U Rock ;-)

  • Kali Whipple

    Thanks, Jason!  I love your blog so I will happily take a look at the blogs that you recommended. Also, I’m setting up a Google Alert for my name. Good advice!

    Kali Whipple


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