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Why Social Media Marketing is More Than Just a Strategy
Why Social Media Marketing is More Than Just a Strategy

Anything and basically everyone is on social media. Even dogs, cats and all kinds of pets have social media profiles. It is a huge and never-ending source of potential, most especially for brands and businesses to thrive in and grow. Marketing strategies geared toward the social media is the trend these days, because that is where the money is. Though there are still businesses which are still focusing on traditional marketing strategies and channels especially those who have actual stores, restaurants, and places to represent – and this is no doubt equally as important. However, the wrong move businesses are doing here is that they do not designate or start an own marketing team which is dedicated entirely on building, starting, and implementing strategies on social media. It is not a coincidence, though, that most companies would compress all of the marketing strategies into one department, or for smaller start-ups – just one person.

Having a dedicated team to both traditional marketing strategies and social media marketing is really expensive! If you do not understand the costs related to having your own social media marketing team, then you might be overwhelmed when you think about hiring a social media marketing agency without knowing that it may just actually be one of the best decisions you would do for your business.

Employees Cost More Money and Headaches

It will likely be more expensive to hire a social media marketing manager compared to having a whole team of devoted social media experts through an agency. With an employee, there are also additional expenses so that you would be able to maximize your marketing strategies like trainings and seminars, additional software, and not to mention expensive desktops or laptops! This does not even cover the amount of time you have to invest in having meetings with your manager and talk about the direction you would like to communicate to your audience. When you opt to hire an agency, you would not have to go through the headache of taxes related to payroll or looking for new applications and trainings just so you could boost your game in social media marketing. You would be promised a team of highly competent social media experts that would boost your business in the way and timeline that you would like for them to. Employees leaving and resigning in the middle of important seasons would not be a problem and would not have any bearing on your on-going social media marketing strategies – giving your brand the time and cultivation it needs to be well-known.

Nothing but Results

Employees who work for you have a salary, no matter what they do. As long as they do what you ask from them, even if the results are bad or good, they are still your employee. If it gets too bad, you might end up firing him or her, and you start your strategies from square one with a new and entirely different personality. Agencies are more focused and driven on giving your results because you are not their one and only client. They have more clients and they need to gain new ones to make their agency boom, and their assets are their results. There is an alignment between your business and the agency because when they are able to provide you with results and make your business grow, in effect, their business also grows. In other words, the success of the agency thrives on whether or not their results for your brand’s social media marketing is good. If your brand’s reputation is good on social media, it will also boost their agency’s name. Essentially, when you hire an agency for your social media needs, it would most likely end in a win-win situation.

Power TeamAs previously mentioned, you would have a lot of heads thinking on how to successfully market your brand through social media compared to hiring one employee if you decide to hire an agency for your social media marketing needs. When you pay for their services, you will not only be paying for the experts behind the computers, but you are also paying for their resources and tools that would greatly help in boosting your brand. If you hired your own employee dedicated to social media, you would need to find a space for him or her in your office, get a desk, spend on a desktop or laptop, and of course on additional tools and software for faster and more effective results. These are the things that marketing agencies already have – paired with their competent team of social media experts, you would be able to have great results in building your brand’s name and reputation without having to break the bank and without losing to much time and focus on the primary operations of your business.

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