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Your Content Is A Service To Your Audience
Your Content Is A Service To Your Audience

My friend Mark Dykeman had some problems with his hosting provider the last few days. His blog went down. Websites do that sometimes. It’s inconvenient and annoying, but it happens.

Service by Stephen Coburn on Shutterstock.comBut Mark doesn’t depend on his blog for his primary income. He doesn’t drive thousands of dollars in business through it. While I’m not certain, he may not make any money from his blog. He blogs. He writes his thoughts and observations on the world and shares them with people. He’s a smart guy, too. You should read his stuff.

Why is this relevant to social media?

Because when his hosting service was repaired, he went live with a short, simple blog post that was entitled, “Service Restored.” Mark doesn’t likely profit financially from his blog, his content, but with it he provides a service to his readers. They enjoy consuming the content he produces. They depend on him.

He isn’t just a blogger. He’s a service provider.

Businesses can take a lesson from Mark. When you are providing content to your audience, you aren’t simply marketing your wares. You aren’t driving sales of your product or service. You should view yourself as providing a service to your audience.

The return from that investment isn’t always important. Your readers depend on you. The return on not serving them well is that they lose interest or trust in you and your company.

What are you doing today to provide a service to your website visitors? Are you making sure you never have to apologize and say, “Service Restored?”

Food for thought.

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